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  1. Same ... very poor communication amongst other things!
  2. Also jumper size 12/13 Burgundy leotard size 3 skirt w26 L22 tracksuit top 32 tracksuit trousers 30/32 Aqua leotards 3+ Blazer ..? size cut out (age 12/13) (Small pin marks on lapel from house/dance pins) All good but used condition, handy spares. £30 or n.o for all plus postage
  3. For what it’s worth , my opinion - Quality over quantity and most definitely a happy, rounded , rested child too. It’s so easy to get carried away as a parent and fail to notice if the pleasure has gone for the child, as the pressure mounts for them to ‘achieve’ .. or meet expectations etc ... and of course every family /child will be different . It’s a long journey.. pace the journey.
  4. Pm me if you would like additional information
  5. I cannot agree with this more ! Sometimes it must be thought of as ‘it wasn’t meant to be’ or perhaps a ‘lucky escape’. There are most definitely more roads to Rome, and often ones that keep your child close to home, with family and still with a strong love for dance, creativity, passion and drive. Explore all the routes, before taking what looks like the ‘fast track’ .
  6. Communication is always poor ... that will not change .
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