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  1. Bloch.... age 8-10 in black, mesh back with pearl detail on neckline (worn twice) - £8 Bloch.... age 8-10 in paciffic , mesh back with pearl detail on back (worn twice) - £8 Capezio..... child M 1x burgundy 1x mint Mesh sholder/cap sleeve with mesh insert on waist (worn once) £8 each. Wear Moi Mable... age 8-10 in sky blue (worn for 1 hour) £10 All include p+p (Smoke + Pet free home)
  2. Looking for any Tring Park school uniform in good condition for new year 7 starting Sept. Thank you.
  3. There has been lots of movement on Tring MDs offers.... We got phone call early last week offering my dd a place off wait list, we have accepted. Any other girls going to Tring? Think it would be nice to connect them b4 they go. Xxx
  4. My dd is a Elmhurst young damcer and was at finals.... we are guessing that they wil get the last class out of the way then they have a months break..... last class is this saturday.
  5. My DD also monday y7 kept for physio.... also wait list. Well done all. X
  6. My Dd has had offer with funding finals... very pleased for her. Xxx
  7. Hi, Well done to all those offered places. Does anyone know why Tring request references? Weve not heard anything yet but they asked already for reference off my dd teacher. Thanks X
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