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  1. I think that is the case, they have anallocated number for each year group that they fill with MDS.
  2. No... Never told where she was on list and i dont think they will share that info either. Honestly, i was suprised she was so high up as she didnt do the associate classes at tring and others did.
  3. And of course it depend on mds given to the performing arts students too.
  4. Hold out hope all..... My daugther was on wait list for MDS last year and she now attends Tring on MDS. We had a ohone call offerering her the MDS place and were given less than 24 hours to accept or decline, so just be prepared if you do get a call. I also know of a MDS at Tring being handed back..... Keep the hope there will be losts of movement. X
  6. As a mom with a year 7 on MDS at Tring....id say ballet! Trings focus is on clasical ballet. From what Im aware most girls in school did ballet solos as did the other girl that got awarded MDS. Tring do not really start contemporary until about year 9..... ballet is their base to all dance. For some reason Tring seems to get over looked as a predominantly ballet school, it is an utrerly amazing place to train and my daughter is loving life and thriving at Tring.
  7. Ohhh ladies.... just reading through this topic..... i really dont envy u all right now!!!! We went through it all last year, its a gruelling rollercoaster of emotions for months!!! Good luck to all ur girls.
  8. *WANTED* A ticket to ENB's nutcracker any date 11th -15th December. Please contact me if selling.
  9. Intermezzo soft grey pinch front and back fits age 8/11 (excellent aidition leo.) £10 Wear moi lycra burgundy x back child size 2 £5. Wear moi lycra french blue with velvet strip child size 2 £5. So dancer red beautiful back with diamantes age 8/10 £10. So dancer turquoise with lace on sides age 8/10 £10. Taglia Basilica black with roses beautiful O back age 8/10 £12 plume royal blue U back age 10/12 £8. capezio black/pink trainer size 4 (but more like a 1) £15. RAD skirt black with blue strips waist 24" length 21" Royal ballet JA national skirt waist 23" length 21" please email me of u require pictures. suzannevine83@gmail.com.
  10. Hi could i see the lilac so dancer please. X
  11. Bloch.... age 8-10 in black, mesh back with pearl detail on neckline (worn twice) - £8 Bloch.... age 8-10 in paciffic , mesh back with pearl detail on back (worn twice) - £8 Capezio..... child M 1x burgundy 1x mint Mesh sholder/cap sleeve with mesh insert on waist (worn once) £8 each. Wear Moi Mable... age 8-10 in sky blue (worn for 1 hour) £10 All include p+p (Smoke + Pet free home)
  12. Looking for any Tring Park school uniform in good condition for new year 7 starting Sept. Thank you.
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