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  1. This such a great and funny thread! Thanks for sharing 😀😀
  2. If close -ish to London Emma Northmore’s Academy of Balletic Arts might be an answer as she is deliberately offering high standard ballet teaching for those in “normal” school with a view to being able to access upper schools at 16.
  3. I do know of one Brit girl going so it will be interesting for you to see to see the range of people therex
  4. This is a wonderful post and many congratulations to you. One of the advantages of being 25 is that you’ve lived a little and have considered all implications as an adult, so you are properly ready for this and your eyes are wide open!! And you must be super talented. Go for it!! And keep us posted how you get on.
  5. My dd waitlisted for tring mds but will accept elmhurst so hopefully that allows someone else on the wait list a chance for these mds places being returned. Fingers crossed more of your dc get their wish xxx
  6. Hi all my letter was a franked second class letter. I think we just got lucky with the post. Really feel for those waiting it is really unfortunate it’s happened like this.
  7. Year 7 place at elmhurst for my dd we are beside ourselves !! Sorry for the longer wait for some of you that is very challenging 😱😱
  8. I guess they might go for Saturday because that way they don’t get inundated with calls as people have the weekend to settle down! It seemed like Tring were doing that with both letters! Anyway, just conjecture! 😁😁
  9. Waitlist for my dd and no physio. Well done to those who got a yes xx
  10. Just wanted to say what a lovely day my dd has at elmhurst finals yesterday. She really enjoyed the class and met some lovely girls during the day. We saw them walking around the school chatting and smiling. Well done Elmhurst for creating a friendly atmosphere for what is obviously a big day. Made a good end to a long and arduous process, whatever the outcome. Good luck to all xx
  11. So glad, me too. I’ve been saying to dd that whatever happens tomorrow she can’t be worse off, and she gets to enjoy another ballet class while she’s at it! Good luck from us to you and your dd too 🍀🍀
  12. Might see you there auditioningenu my dd is in group 1. Safely in b and b watching Paddjngton as we speak!! 😁 trying to stay positive for tomorrow 😁😁
  13. I heard 5-6 MDS places in total but that could be for just year 7 I find it all so confusing. Basically very few! Sounds like it’s an evolving thing over the next few weeks though. I asked them a few months ago and that was an estimate but have heard it from others since. Balletbrokemybank given the higher amount of funding available your son could have s better chance at elmhurst.... fingers crossed for him. After 24 hours of feeling very upset I’m now more calm, but it is hard to deal with when you’d rather take the hit than have them on the receiving end. Good luck to all this week.
  14. We’re in the same boat as you and I’m afraid I’m now not at all hopeful as I saw who they kept back and all strong dancers and some WL finalists, so I’ve written it off. Got elmhurst later in the week just hope she can keep it together until the end of Thursday so she comes away feeling ok about it, whatever happens. Really good luck to everyone else for anything else your dc are going for this week.
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