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  1. All being well......Totnes and London 1 today !! Let the nerves and refreshing begin! Good luck all
  2. Great to hear the good news stories coming from this thread, obviously some very talented boys and girls up and down the country. Well done to all whatever the outcome! A few more days to go for our London results 🤞
  3. Thank you for the info....seems that little glimmer of hope just got smaller
  4. I was under the impression that everyone has to audition again, even if they were a JA the previous year?
  5. My DD auditioned yesterday, thoroughly enjoyed herself, if anyone is interested she did give me a brief outline of what they did: Stretches - Froggy Froggy but on back pushing legs to floor Sitting with legs straight, and reaching for toes, trying to get a flat back box splits front splits Laying on front, then arching back She spoke about Barre work, and also spoke about some improv that they did where they sat on the floor and used their arms to improvise the sun, wind and rain. Jumps in first position. Solo gallops. I believe that was about it, like I said she loved the whole experience and we are extremely pleased that we went, the place is stacked in history, really amazing.
  6. My First Ballet - Sleeping Beauty @ Tunbridge Wells Assembly Halls Sunday 9th June 15:00 Tiered Stalls Row M - Seats 20 21 22 23 24 I am no longer able to make this performance so selling tickets, willing to sell as a job lot or individually, face value is £27.75, more than willing to take offers. Electronic tickets Thanks
  7. The London Ballet Company run on Sundays (once a month) with an Easter intensive included.
  8. Thanks , this is really eye opening. My daughter is year 5, so definitely worth a look into schools MDS places. Really appreciate the reply
  9. Grateful and thankful of the bombardment, She is very fortunate to have the 'classical' ballet look, as for full time ballet school, yes this would definitely be something she'd love although having looked at the prices it wouldn't be something we would be able to achieve. Her last RAD ballet exam (Grade 2) she scored 89 The dance school does have a good track record but it is a large school and I appreciate everyone needs attention, thus making it a little more difficult to gain snippets of info into other regions....not to disrespect the school or teachers by any means. Simply looking for different ways to further a possible career in ballet Thanks again
  10. Hi guys, Pretty new to this game so bare with, My daughter is 10 years old, very keen and pretty good (I am a little bias), she wants to start auditioning and to do more competitions, so here's where I need help...….I've looked through threads and found things like RBS junior associate, London Children's Ballet etc.. Is there more? Thanks in advance
  11. My daughter is a Junior Associate at TLBC, she absolutely loves it and her ballet has improved so much. Great teachers and great facilities. Highly recommend.
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