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  1. What are the chances of getting a yes, if you’re on the SWL for London? I just want to manage my daughter’s and my expectations. It’s so exciting to have gotten this far and we’re not daring to dream too much.
  2. Does anyone know how to see how many views you’ve had on google drive please?
  3. What is the junior engagement program please?
  4. To be honest, I think she’s gone backwards since the lockdown because all her lessons are on zoom and she’s had very little studio classes - probably the same as everyone else. But I’ll do them again. I was interested in what everyone else was considering doing. Thank you! X
  5. Can I ask whether you would use the same photos and videos as you submitted last year? Our teacher is shielding and she took our pictures for us last year but not the video - I did that myself (with the guinea pigs chuntering in the background!).
  6. Thanks everyone. I think I know what we have to do now. I am really grateful for all your advice. It’s been so hard to navigate this dance world especially if you’re not from a dance background and have just come abroad. I just want to do the right thing for my DD but also the right thing culturally. Thank you! ❤️
  7. She accepts other pupils from other schools for her associate program as well as students from her school. She wants DD to attend but we can’t make it work around school at the moment.
  8. When I went back with the challenges we faced changing times with our tutor (we needed one to help DD get up to speed with the UK education system), she just told us to change tutors. That was not particularly helpful as we’re waitlisted for several already.
  9. I should add I told her we intended to stay with her for ballet, our commitment there won’t change
  10. Thanks all. The thing is my little one is only 9 years old and her current dance school don’t do shows or festivals. It is just purely lessons and exam. I feel she’s losing the will a bit because she loves to perform but doesn’t like the competition of festivals. At our old school abroad, she had both and I think she found it stressful but loved the annual show to be wirh her mates and work as a collective. She doesn’t have that at this school at all. I asked the teacher (in a bid to be transparent) about associate programs she would recommend and she would only recommend the Royal Ballets JA program which is so hard to get into and her associates program which we cannot fit in because of her school commitments (and I’ve tried to change those every term without success). The school itself does offer other dance styles but they finish quite late (8pm) and some clash with her siblings and travel time there and back is a factor. I did try to be upfront and say that we wanted to try some other styles close to home (just for the variety and also for the opportunity to do a show every couple of years) but she was adamant that she would not endorse it and it’s not the done thing. This has left me in a quandary.
  11. May I please have your advice. My daughter loves dance and has been doing ballet for some time. She’s keen to try other forms of dance but the timetable at our current school doesn’t work with her siblings and just life in general. We’re keen to continue to do ballet at her current school when things go back to some sort of normality but maybe try tap or jazz or contemporary elsewhere. Her teacher says it’s not the done thing in this country to do that. I’m not from here so not really sure and wanted to find out if that’s the case. Thank you.
  12. Thank you for your suggestions. We are based in Kent in Westerham and happy to travel. She’s 9 years old and follows the RAD. I think the fact that we haven’t performed for 3 years now, she’s kind of developed a bit of ‘fear’ of it. Whenever I ask her if she misses it, she says; ‘I’m not good at that anymore. I don’t do well under pressure.’
  13. Can I please have your advice. My dd loves to dance and when we lived abroad her dance studio had a yearly performance and she also did some festivals. We have now moved back and her current dance school (I think it’s quite old fashioned) don’t do any festivals (which kind of suits me as I find them quite stressful) but also don’t do any yearly performances so we never get to see her dance unless it’s at home. I’ve asked the teacher whether she can recommend some associate programs that we can join with a view to meeting other kids and maybe those people might do a yearly performance. The teacher has said that anything outside of the school is a conflict of interest and the only one they’d recommend is the Royal Ballet in London’s Junior Associate program (which I believe is highly competitive). Being new to this country and having zero dance experience, what would you suggest I do, if we want to do some performances (not competitions) and meet some other kids?
  14. Just out of curiosity, what other ballet related activities does everyone else do, as well as the weekly ballet classes?
  15. It’s so hard...the waiting and not knowing. I’m sure the children (and grown ups) will be relieved when we know. Fingers crossed for your daughter and that no matter what she has a fabulous birthday!
  16. My nerves are so on edge. Does anyone know if Group 1 will hear this week? A part of me just wants to know so I can get on with my life. 😂
  17. Oh that’s really exciting. I am kind of hoping that I uploaded the video probably. I think we did but I’m second guessing myself. I wonder when we can expect to hear then? Good lucky everyone.
  18. Thank you for organising this thread. My DD applied for London. Does anyone know when we’re likely to hear back?
  19. I like the sound of the acrylic mirror sheet but could you tell me if it provides a distorted image?
  20. Has anyone installed a home studio please. Could I have some advice on mirrors you would recommend and any other tips? Thank you!
  21. Hello does anyone know of any ballet summer schools or intensive workshops in the summer holidays in the south east? Asking for my 8 year old daughter, who will go spare without ballet over the long break.
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