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  1. American dancer and choreographer, Travis Wall, posted a video on Instagam that is getting a lot of shares. In his Instagram Story, he talks about dancers gathering in front of Good Morning America early Monday morning to do a live ballet class. Fantastic idea imo and should blow up the story more.
  2. Just saw that Rina Kanehara & Aitor Arrieta are part of the ENB crew on the Queen Mary 2 crossing the Atlantic for Cunard's Dance the Atlantic voyage. What a fun summer job. They are doing scenes from Swan Lake. Francesca Velicu and Daniel McCormick revisit their Le Corsaire pas de deux. And Erina Takahashi and James Streeter are dancing Akram Khan's Dust. Tempted to take up cruising 🚢
  3. Totally agree. I saw him co-win Emerging Dancer in 2017 with Rina Kanehara and have been following since. Great to see him get this role. (Just wish ENB would announce casting sooner...)
  4. Yes, she is cast as Victoria. They bigged up the role for the film. From the look of the trailer, they turned Victoria into a pivotal character. And giving Francesca Hayward the 'And Introducing' credit is huge imo in the movie business. The producers obviously fell in love with her, like the ROH audience has. Cats is a marmite show as a musical, so I expect the movie will be the same. I am just going to suspend disbelief, sing along and enjoy 'our own' Frankie stealing the show 😻
  5. Not sure where best to post this but here is the first trailer. Francesca Hayward looks fantastic. She's going to catapult into cross-over mainstream fame. The camera loves her 💖
  6. Fyi: Lots of returns on offer at the ROH box office for this performance today. I got a seat in the grand tier 👌
  7. hi @Lindsay Sorry not to see your message sooner. Too late to post the tix but you could return it to the box office (if you haven't already) I will check the box office pre show for any returns and am sure others will do so as well. http://www.roh.org.uk/policies/terms-and-conditions-of-sale >> 3.5. Returned tickets will only be offered for resale at the management's discretion. The original purchaser may place tickets for resale by sending an email (including Order Number and ticket details) to BoxOffice@roh.org.uk no later than two hours prior to the start of the performance. In person the original purchaser may place tickets for resale at the Box Office no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the performance. 3.6. Returned tickets are sold subject to customer demand and only if there are no more tickets available in that part of the theatre or on that price band. 3.7. Returned tickets may be withdrawn from resale at any time at the original purchaser’s request and/or at the management’s discretion. To reclaim or track the status an existing resale, please telephone the Box Office on +44 (0)20 7304 4000. 3.8. If returned tickets are successfully resold, a £4 fee per ticket resold will apply. This fee is charged to the original purchaser.
  8. Hi all. Looking for one ticket to the Royal Ballet School performance on Sunday in the ROH; any price band. Hoping for something other than the Amphitheatre (am trying to trade up, ie move down 😉
  9. 😞 @TheRoyalBallet said via Twitter DM: "we are experience a delay in loading the production pages this morning and our technical department are looking into it. I'm sorry for the delay."
  10. I saw The Royal Ballet School in the Linbury Theatre Young Talent Festival and was bowled over by ‘Untied, Undone’. They said: it is a new ballet Ashley Page has created on students this year. It's based on the 4th movement of Mendelssohn's 4th symphony showcasing men from each year group of Upper School. What a joy to watch and I imagine to dance. How special to still be a student and participate in the creation of a brand new ballet. Would love to see the adult company do this as well. Be a great gala piece.
  11. I get MacMillan, just not why the abuse of women is such a theme in his work. I don't think this is because I am American so much as because I am a feminist / human who just isn't entertained by rape, whether it's onstage, in cinemas, or in real life. And am sure many here disagree, but Lewis Segal's description of Mayerling as a "hodgepodge of pantomime clichés, Soviet-style gymnastics and aggressive classicism" expressed why I personally am not mad for this ballet (independent of the plot). Give me Romeo & Juliet every season, even with the invented harlots 💃
  12. I don't think I would love it either if I hadn't seen it live. To me, part of the magic is that the very knowledgeable audience eagerly waits for that scene. You can feel the crowd rooting for each and every member of the corps as they slowly descend. Then the huge applause at the end is like a wave of love for these (mostly) unsung heroes. It is an electric moment. I agree watching it as a recording can be boring, but here is a nice behind the scenes video as they rehearse
  13. Learning a lot from everyone on this thread about a work unfamiliar to me. 🙏 Delighted to see that for tonight’s Young Talent Festival at the ROH Linbury, the RBS is doing Scottish Dances from Flowers of the Forest by David Bintley
  14. Jewels 💎 Romeo & Juliet — love the music and it is such a showcase for outstanding debuts Nutcracker — the only ballet I have actually seen every year; will miss it Every other year: La Bayadère A Midsummer Night’s Dream (the full length Balanchine) Sylvia
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