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  1. Totally agree. It was a forgettable piece I don't think would make the stage in normal times. Of all the dance we missed due to lockdown, I too mourn missing this couple debut in Swan Lake. Happy to pay my £4.99 for Vadim, but I hope the ROH up the game on what they offer ballet fans going forward.
  2. This is so good. Thanks @WoodlandGladeFairy Noticed that Fernando Bujones was given a wreath during the curtain call. Have never seen that before, but love that the male dancer got a tribute as well when the ballerina got the expected flowers. Did that happen regularly back then, and now is out of style? In the future, I'm wondering if fans might give favourite dancers a taxi voucher, rather than a bouquet. A bit of help to keep them off a crowded Tube.
  3. Agree. Concerto DSCH has been my streaming highlight. Had never seen it before and now I just want to see it again and again. So good. (Someone posted the recording here btw. I'll watch then make a contribution to NYCB as tribute.) Dare I ever hope the Royal Ballet does DSCH? Similar to Dances at a Gathering, I bet the dancers just love performing this ballet. It looks like pure joy.
  4. Agree. To me, it is almost a different work (which means I have to admit the tortured emotional twisting of Act I isn't my taste in ballet)
  5. As much as I love the Royal Ballet, it is very disappointing when they revert to old school control and cover up behaviour. So 19th century. I work in marketing/ PR like penelopesimpson. Agree it is not an accident that the management finally release a statement now, during a time when the news is full of much more important matters. They had more than six months to decide to no longer work with Scarlett. Or, as Luke Jennings points out, 26 years. They just can't bring themselves to be honest about the whole icky subject. I don't agree that this subject is not important. Sexual harassment — and the refusal to accept it — is one of the biggest issues of our time. And like many have said, the secrecy and corporate vagueness is worse for all involved.
  6. Akane Takada mesmerising as Odette tonight. What a pleasure to see her. Can’t wait for Act III. Also James Hay bringing it as Benno.
  7. I am not familiar with the Royal Ballet previous version, but am not a giant fan of the ending either. My personal POV is that I would rather see the lovers both die together, to reunite in the fairy tale afterlife, or (dare I admit), both survive in triumph having slain the evil Rothbart. In praise of Benno, I have to say that I am delighted this version has another strong male dancing role. The Prince may be the hero and his dancing may be breathtaking, but he is a character I can't admire. (Yes, it is silly to look for logic in a ballet like this, but it has always irked me that the Prince is such an idiot that he falls for his enemy's daughter, no matter what she looks like.) I love the sisters, too, and enjoy every moment they are on stage. I only wish the four Princesses danced more. It is a bonus that every cast has other principles / first soloists that I love to see. (Even if the ROH web site won't tell me who they are, lol.)
  8. Ditto. Want to echo this. Thanks @Rob S 👍 Makes up for the lack of cast info on the ROH site.
  9. Yes. She was quoted somewhere (I forget where) as saying this role is her last remaining major classical challenge
  10. Now I’m really wishing I had a ticket for his Insight talk at the ROH
  11. Agree. Such a privilege to see her debut in such an important title role. Friday's show went way faster (a good thing) and stuck with me longer than opening night with the first cast tbh. As a Beatriz Stix-Brunell fan, I hope she enjoyed every second and that her convincing performance leads to more opportunities. Must be hard to again be a wallflower princess in Swan Lake, while so many other first soloists get a shot at Odette / Odile. ps: Felt really bad for Cesar Corrales having to miss this show, but I see that he is listed for Wed
  12. hi all, One ticket on offer for Insights: The Royal Ballet in Rehearsal | 27 March | 7:45pm Linbury | Upper Circle| Row A, Seat 46 £20 This is a paper ticket I can mail to you.
  13. Agree. I actually booked my second cast ticket before deciding to spring for the opening night also. I'm a Beatriz Stix-Brunell fan, so happy to see her get a star turn rather than another cheeky harlot, courtesan, mistress part. Didn't quite realise how huge the role would be. Can only imagine how exciting it is to dance Jacqueline du Pré in this ballet.
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