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  1. Lots of tickets available for tonight's screening at Sadler's Wells. Includes a Q+A with directors Michael Nunn and William Trevitt, leading cast members and creatives.
  2. Forgive the sidestep back into this discussion, but I think it fits as there are so many debuts happening (I think) across the multiple casts of Sleeping Beauty. I've seen several First Artists as Fairies, for example, and am just assuming we're witnessing a lovely milestone in their career. I recently wrote to the Royal Ballet and got this detailed reply below from Rachel Hollings. Was very pleased she took the time to write and to know that fan input is at least being heard. > It is a good point you raise about the role debuts. They were listed in the recent past in the bimonthly publication casting. We are exploring what alternative options there are now the bimonthly publication is not produced. With regard to the online casting information, we have reservations about including a full list. The Director did explore in the past putting as much information up as possible but this proved tricky, particularly in the case of large ballets like The Sleeping Beauty when one change can cause a domino effect, meaning that a lot of places are altered and information would need to be updated quite regularly causing perhaps more frustration for audiences. It is lovely though for the dancers to have their supporters in place so your feedback is welcome; it's just rather a complex scheduling beast from initial casting to stage performance! Thank you for taking the time to be in touch about this and for your support of our productions.<
  3. Even bigger than a bus. Lovely Francesca Hayward on Jimmy Kimmel last night
  4. Audience with her every step of the way. You could feel the love in the applause πŸ‘πŸ’—πŸ‘
  5. Me too. But sounds like the flu or something which is better than an injury. I went to the Insights talk last night where they mentioned how many cast changes they have to deal with, especially this time of year. And the cascade effect. How they started the run with about 5 dancers for every fairy role and now it is more like two each. Melissa Hamilton filling in for Fumi Kaneko today for example. As well as doing Florine with Cesar Corrales (which should be fantastic)
  6. Don't know all their partnerships, but have seen a few who promote Bloch dancewear, incl: Meaghan Grace Hinkis, Anna Rose O'Sullivan, Yasmine Naghdi, Tierney Heap, Claire Calvert, Beatriz Stix-Brunell. In addition to using the official hashtags (like #thisisbloch), they put BLOCH Ambassador in their bio
  7. Thanks for the link to this article @Ian Macmillan Dancers have such a short career. Kudos to them if they can supplement their income like @meadowblythe's son. πŸ’― Similar to actors and athletes, using social platforms as a direct connection with fans makes sense for dancers. Many here follow Shale Wagman for example, and I expect Instagram will be where we hear career news from him. It was also the platform of choice for the dance community's reaction when Prince George's ballet classes got mocked (also see the ongoing #BoysDanceToo tag). Fwiw, I work in digital marketing, so can be considered biased, but there is a win/win bonus to brand sponsorship of influencers in any field. It expands both the fame of that particular talent and their art form (ie, Francesca Hayward and Lulumon) to an audience that isn't necessarily a fan of either already. A chronic issue for ballet and other 'elitist arts' is how to reach beyond their existing and ageing audience. The Royal Ballet and Royal Opera House haven't cracked this; I think the dancers themselves could. In fact, the hoarding of information (like a full cast list) from the RB and other companies only increases that image, where the behind-the-scene views we get from the dancers (like my fave IGer Beatriz Stix-Brunell) breaks it down
  8. As a contrast to the horror genre, may I recommend Field of Dreams, where the corn field (maize) plays a major role. It is a baseball movie though, so may appeal mostly to my fellow Americans. (Apologies for the digression back to agriculture but I am really grateful for the corn/wheat discussion. I was close enough to see the prop, yet doubly confused to hear it called 'corn'.)
  9. This was my first Coppélia. I knew it was a comic ballet but purposely didn't delve much deeper in advance. Was surprised (and delighted) to see how challenging the Swanhilda role is for a ballerina. And what a privilege to see Francesca Hayward live the part on opening night 🌟 Agree. Bravo to them all. Frankie and Alex are so perfect in these roles. Although the mime is a bit overblown for my taste, they are charming actors as well as beautiful dancers. My attention admittedly wandered when they weren't onstage. Much of the choreography and costumes (and props) in the Third Act could use a make-over imo and the different dances seemed quite random. In the first act, I thought Mayara Magri was wasted as the Peasant Girl. The small part would have been a treat for a First Artist , but doesn't need the skill of an amazing First Soloist. Am really looking forward to her Swanhilda debut.
  10. Totally agree. There must have been many debuts on Saturday for the matinee (for example Artists Leticia Dias, Yu Hang and Sae Maeda dancing Fairy roles) but how is the audience to know? These are big milestones to the dancers and how lovely it would be to remember when we see them in the future as the Lilac Fairy or Aurora. I sent a message to the Royal Ballet via this contact form. Who knows; if they get enough requests, maybe they will reinstate the simple, helpful asterisk.
  11. Last night was so enjoyable, I just made an impulse purchase for the matinee tomorrow. Fumi Kaneko and Reece Clarke. (Debuts?) Can't wait to see who else is in the cast ✨
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