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  1. Agree. I actually booked my second cast ticket before deciding to spring for the opening night also. I'm a Beatriz Stix-Brunell fan, so happy to see her get a star turn rather than another cheeky harlot, courtesan, mistress part. Didn't quite realise how huge the role would be. Can only imagine how exciting it is to dance Jacqueline du Pré in this ballet.
  2. The Cellist really moved me. Was not prepared to like it as much as I did. The three principles were amazing as you’d expect. What an experience to bring this to life. One element in the ballet I really liked was the inclusion of Jacqueline as a young girl. Emma Lucano did a beautiful job. At the curtain call, Lauren Cuthbertson took her hand and brought her to the front for a special bow (Hashtag all the feels)
  3. Agree the building is gorgeous. Like the ROH, they have tours so you can get a peek for a modest fee.
  4. At the risk of gushing (and it is only act one) Yasmine Naghdi seems born to play Tatiana. What a debut so far ✨
  5. As if Reece Clark and Matthew Ball onstage weren’t enough, I’m sitting directly across the aisle from Cesar Corrales
  6. Etudes was my revelation of the night. I had never seen it and tbh was waiting for the corps to strap on their pointe shoes. What a prefect ballet for an anniversary gala. Shiori Kase was mesmerising (why is she not a lead principle?) and Jeffery Cirio's dancing reinforced why I loved him in Le Corsaire. Now I wish there were galas like this every season. What a treat to be in the audience amidst the buzz and excitement and party outfits. ✨ What a wonderful way to see the history of ballet brought to life. Bravo ENB
  7. Wow. I thought Friday night was great, but last night just blew me away. Totally agree. This man deserves a promotion. (Tamara Rojo was sitting right behind me, and it was hard to resist the temptation to gush in her direction.) In addition to the dancers mentioned above, Junor Souza made the most of the villainous Lankendem, and I thought Emma Hawes was just beautiful as a captive Gulnare. Le Corsaire reminded me how much talent there is at the ENB. It is really quite privileged to be blessed with two world class ballet companies performing just blocks apart. Can't wait for their 70th Anniversary Gala on Friday. Really hope it sells out as the line-up looks amazing.
  8. Hi all, I have one ticket on offer for the Onegin Rehearsal this Friday. 17 January 2020, 12.30pm LEVEL 5 Amphitheatre 5C, K-51 £24 Paper ticket. Can trust the post or can pick it up from my office in Clerkenwell. Please DM if interested
  9. Agree. On Friday night, I felt the dancing was amazing but not the acting. For example, Aitor Arrieta (one of my faves even before he won Emerging Dancer) was cast against type as Lankendem. He's naturally boy-band handsome, so looks the part of any prince role — and btw would be a perfect cheeky Franz in Coppélia. But he didn't 'scare me' as an evil slave trader should. Perhaps as the plot itself is a pantomime about a subject that would be horrific if realistically played. It lists Ali as a slave on the cast sheet, but his famous solo is proud and heroic. Excited to see Jeffrey Cirio on Monday and another Emerging Dancer fave, Daniel McCormick.
  10. Wow. All the best wishes to Lauren Cuthbertson. What a gorgeous total cast though. Now I can understand why this is the chosen one for the cinema relay.
  11. Great pictures, thanks MJW. And interesting indeed. The shots of Reece Clarke and Natalia Osipova in rehearsal for Onegin were taken on December 12, 2019. Yet the Royal Ballet didn't tell ticket holders — and new buyers — about the cast change until today. Why the lag? Am a big fan, so psyched to see Reece in this, and delighted at his well deserved promotion. He is a beautiful dancer. But like many others I originally booked for Vadim Muntagirov, so wish RB were more upfront about 'planned in advance' cast changes.
  12. 💯 Totally agree. Was so disappointed (and puzzled) when Ms Stix-Brunell was not cast in a role she seems perfect for 🤔
  13. Totally agree 💐. And they both seemed like they enjoyed every moment. As did we all. The afternoon flew by. Shout out also to Philip Mosley. He's my favourite Dr Coppélius so far. I felt more sympathetic to the character, who can appear quite cartoony.
  14. Spoiled myself for Christmas with four shows because I wanted to see the debuts (Hayward, Naghdi, O'Sullivan, Magri — and yes, the gentlemen also ). Following these dancers on Instagram is a peek at how important these milestones are to them. So it is an extra buzz to be in the audience 💐
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