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  1. Like many, I am surprised (and sad) at the low sales for this. Kaneko/Bracewell deserve a full house for sure. And given that kids all study Shakespeare in school at some point, would be a great matinee to take even non-dancing teens. Does anyone know what the ROH does when they have so many open seats? Do they gift them to the RBS or other worthy orgs?
  2. My booking experience went well this morning. Too well — I went over my budget 😲
  3. Totally agree with both parts of this sentence. And totally agree with this key point. Dare I add: couldn't they find a female ballet choreographer?
  4. I saw the opening night show and this piece showed me that the better the dancer, the greater the appreciation for and understanding of a modern (and dare I say more depressing) work. That's kind of a duh I guess but I loved them in this. They made me forget I was there mostly for Le Corsaire and Playlist (which didn't disappoint). The rest was a mixed bag for me personally; some great moments, some that dragged a bit.
  5. Hope it is not a faux pas to post about English National Ballet in a thread about BRB, but I just saw Solstice. William Forsythe’s Playlist (Track 1, 2) is such joyous proof that a modern work can uplift you. Worth the price of admission alone. (Admittedly, there are a couple angst ridden pieces in the bill as well that tick the depressing box, but also some gala worthy pas de deux/trois)
  6. Working my way through the casting — just spotted a (new to me) pairing I'm psyched to see: Calvert and Clarke in Nutcracker 🎁
  7. Naghdi/Muntagirov seem perfect for Giselle. Muntagirov can do anything for sure, but he doesn't feel like an impetuous Romeo to me. But maybe Ball will play Tybalt in their show, which would be cool 🤺 It was after I saw Naghdi/Ball debuts in R&J that I went from casual fan to casting obsessed. Iconic. Also agree completely with the above that James Hay would be a fantastic Romeo and deserves the chance to prove it.
  8. Am super sad for the RB (she is a brilliant brand ambassador) and for us fans, but am very happy for her. Echoing all who are already queuing for her final ROH performance. Who knows? San Francisco Ballet might coax her to guest during school vacations 🤞
  9. I just get cranky when companies pretend they are doing you a favour, when in reality a scheme where people have to phone up every Friday to compete for a single ticket is far from user friendly.
  10. Understament. Seriously cannot believe that the ROH and the Royal Ballet think a 'strictly limited' Friday rush solution, phone only (?), is the correct solution to this serious issue hurting some of their most ardent fans. I guess single ballet goers have nothing else to do and don't need to plan in advance. Wondering why I pay for a Friends membership tbh.
  11. I also had a v hard time booking anything. Tbh, I thought tickets were just selling out super fast. Forget or didn't realise the ROH was restricting single seats. Frustrating, but as they say, a first world problem.
  12. He is the first dancer I fell in love with. RIP Jacques d'Amboise. Thank you.
  13. Yes, I did contact the Mark Morris Dance Group. They emailed me a link and password to see the L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato video and were very nice. They said: "for all those wishing to view outside the US, contact info@mmdg.org and inform us of their name and country to receive a link."
  14. Well, other than the McGregor and the Wheeldon (which I just can't get excited about, sorry), the list of ballets exactly overlaps with the ones I have seen the most often, both at the ROH and elsewhere. Beautiful yes, and they will sell out. But not a list this beggar would have chosen. I agree with everyone hoping for something upbeat or unexpected. My own personal fantasy is for the Royal Ballet to do a Mark Morris work. The fact that it is so far from a realistic idea in no way negates my enjoyment of the dream.
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