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  1. Hope you see my messages. This is the 3rd! Have a spare SCStandind D47
  2. I have D 47 which isn't bad this evening as my wife will not be coming. It is a ticket so will need to meet you before I am normally at the house by 7 Yours, Desmond King
  3. I have bench seat Stalls Circle C92 at £24 which I am collecting from Bill Boyd before the performance. I have since got C33 & 4 SC standing so now surplus to requirements. Regards, Desmond King
  4. Dear Bill, May I have this ticket if it's still available. I am new to this forum on John Mallinson's suggestion but this is my first use of this section. I expect we must be familiar to each other. I normally attend with my wife, elderly silver haired and bearded man usually wearing a black gilet in the winter! Next at the matinee New years day Nutcracker with 4 children, spouses and 8 grandchildren and hoping for returns or Friday rush for the last 2 Patineurs triple. Let me know how best to proceed. Seasons greetings and many thanks Desmond King
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