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  1. I think Ballet Boost do audition sessions with feedback which might be useful! Good luck if you do decide to apply!
  2. My DS got a year 6 place in JA s, London centre 2 years ago now so the places do come up! He had a great JA experience. Good luck!
  3. Boys character shoes, Freed RAD nearly new very good condition. Size five and a half leather and size 5 canvas. Both black. Selling due to rapidly growing feet! £12 each including tracked postage
  4. My DS was a Royal Ballet School junior associate last year and while it is hard to get in they are looking for "facility" ( flexibility and turnout) rather than polished technique I think. You don't have to prepare a dance just join in with the class and flexibility exercises at the audition. He also auditioned for ballet boost associates which could be another good option as they are in a few different centres in the country. Some of the teachers there also teach the RBS JA s and it was very friendly. Tring audition was the same, a ballet class and and also very friendly. Their classical ballet academy is on a couple of Sunday's a month. Very best of luck to your DD!
  5. Hello FlowerPower, I have returned to adult ballet classes on and off through having 3 children and despite dancing throughout my childhood and working my way through exams up to advanced as a teenager I still have to work up my courage at times to focus my mind and accept the limitations of my 46 year old self at the classes I attend now. The more I stick at it the more enjoyable it gets though, and there is nothing like the sense of achievement when 1 little thing improves! I think be kind to yourself and take delight in the parts of sequences you can get! My son has started at White Lodge this year and part if what spurs me on is being able to talk to him about his challenges as someone who still remembers how very difficult ballet is no matter what level you are working at !!!
  6. My DS has done BRB events and absolutely loved it, hope your daughter has a great time!
  7. My DS had the most wonderful week at Royal Ballet summer intensive, well organised and he learnt so much! Thinking of auditioning for YBSS any tips for that?
  8. Leapfrog

    New Year

    I am packing for my DS starting year 7 at vocational school thank you for your lovely messages it is so good to read them as,it's all very mixed emotions!
  9. Very best of luck at the audition! My DS really enjoyed it!
  10. My DS also did this last year and loved every minute! He learnt so much and the BRB were lovely to the children, we managed the rehearsals in Birmingham from Cambridgeshire then all the performances were RAH.
  11. Thank you Balletbean, you are so right! I am looking into Musical Theatre options locally too that we can fit around the ballet classes.
  12. Thank you will look into Cambridge Ballet Academy
  13. I have only been there for an audition so not sure but saw lots of girls in the zip up jacket which looked lovely.
  14. We only had one choice for the boys, thought the girls options were lovely though!
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