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  1. We have just received our email from Manchester at the weekend....DD got a yes for Yr6. Really pleased for her but I doubt we'll be able to take it up as she was lucky enough to also get RBS in Birmingham Anyone know if it's possible to transfer from Manchester to Birmingham for Elmhurst as we are Midlands based so RBS makes more sense?
  2. She was Day 1 (Thursday 2nd). Group 2 I think...12.30pm
  3. We've had our email from Birmingham....its a yes for DD (year 6). We got 24 sessions our first preference w as for 32.
  4. Son or Daughter? Daughter Birthday? April Year applied for? 6 Auditioned in? Birmingham  For a place in? Birmingham  Applied before? No   Any other centres? Forgot to apply to Elmhurst Birningham!! but have applied to audition in Manchester this weekend.  Any other info? Going to RBS Summer Intensive
  5. We have a yes for DD on week 3. Non-residential though - we put down both options. She'll be 10 in April.
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