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  1. Yes, however this never seems to be something that gets put on their bios and though basic updates might be delayed, this kind of info is never there. But also no, they are in a public facing performance role, I don’t think their potential audience isn’t unreasonable in wanting to know if someone is on maternity leave, taking a sabbatical etc. Admittedly it’s unlikely you wouldn’t buy a ticket because the first artist you are a major fan of won’t be performing, but I think most of us just want to know people are ok! I think what I’m trying to say is that it would be a s
  2. How lovely - I don’t have much time for Instagram so only follow a select few, I dug a bit, but didn’t get through everyone. I feel like it would be nice to say this on their bios.
  3. I’m a bit behind the times, having not found the discussion in the upcoming performances thread and not wanting to start my own! Most of what I had to say has been said. Though no one has mentioned Nicol Edmonds - it wasn’t dazzling, but it was a strong performance, which as a soloist deserves credit. I thought everyone was sticking to one partner, so I was a bit confused by Akane appearing with three men! Female first soloists were notably absent, well half of them, if anyone has shareable info on their well-being please share! Elizabeth Harrod,
  4. probably not It's probably your toes that make the difference, there is a hack were you cut the toe seam leaving just a tiny connection between the big toe and the rest of the toes so the tights stay down, I saw it on one of Kathryn Morgan's ballet hacks videos.
  5. Children are always more flexible than adults, I don't think it's really possible in retrospect to say he could never have made it, he probably wouldn't have had good feet, but that's less expected of men, partly because they are naturally less flexible than women.
  6. Yes, I would think that in all dance forms the necessity of using the feet on the floor, means that whilst a gorgeous arch isn't required, you feet need to work and be strong and at least somewhat flexible. You hear a lot about using the plie for jumps, but you can't use the plie without also using the feet and feet are crucial for turns. The foot work in Latin dancing is actually very hard.
  7. I saw the same. I hope that rather than just not being tall enough that he was slightly off in his positioning so his arm was on a diagonal when it shouldn't be. They said they'd danced together before, just not in principal roles, so you'd think the AD would know whether he was tall enough or not. However, on to other things - that jump - I'd go just to see that.
  8. I remember doing this as a child, we had an especially big nursing home near to us, it was actually called a hospital at the time and some of the residents were on open wards. This did at least mean there was plenty of space for us to perform, I can't imagine trying to dance in the nursing home my grandad was in. It's wonderful if people can go into places like this and do any form of entertainment and I know lots of people do help out in this way. It does seem that homes for younger people with learning difficulties find it harder to get volunteers, a while back a group I was part of used to
  9. The important thing is are you taking regular technique classes - the Royal Ballet School doesn't do exams and the dance schools are looking for a solid foundation in technique, not showmanship and tricks (sorry if I seem down on competitions - blame Dance Moms). Depending on where you live you may find it helpful to find a big/reputable school and take some classes there. Some places have open classes or it might be possible to take a class with the associate program of a school which has one, it will give you more idea what things are like in the wider ballet world. There is DanceWorks in Lo
  10. Actually grade 5 to intermediate foundation is roughly what I'd expect, typically people branch to vocational levels after grade 5 RAD, mostly to intermediate foundation, some to intemediate, though with no age limit on intermediate foundation anymore, there isn't much reason to do that, but I know people do skip it.
  11. I shall have to tell my dad about Flirty Dancing, he's been enjoying The Greatest Dancer, which I've not watched yet, I keep meaning to watch it on iplayer and keep failing to get around to it. I did see one bit on youtube where a ballet dancer just missed the required 75%, he was good, so that was disappointing.
  12. This will give some people here a very good idea of her standard, given you said she got distinctions in all of them - I've no idea of the Cecchetti levels. I'm a little surprised that a different teacher is taking the pointe class (do later cecchetti exams involve pointework?), that's a class where it's even more important to have a good teacher, otherwise you're risking both acute and chronic injuries. You says she's in class 12 hours a week, so that's quite an investment and it really doesn't sound like you're getting your money's worth. I'd also consider dropping th
  13. That's a big change from my student days, I went to some of their classes at Kelsey Kerridge and the non beginners class had only 2 girls (including me) who had every done pointe work, so it clearly wasn't going to advance my ballet skills, so I took up other forms of dancing. I shall keep this in mind, I'll have to check on blue badge parking, it's a long time since I've been in the West Road area - I did get a bit confused by it being adcticketing and it being at West Road not the ADC. West Road is bigger, but it's not exactly an ideal venue for ballet.
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