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  1. I am so sorry that this happened, but I hope the “no” email is the mistake! Something similar happened to us last year. My DD was waitlisted for the summer. We then received the “accept your place” email, so we thought her waitlist cleared, but it was a mistake. RBS did send a very apologetic email afterwards. It must be hard to keep straight with so many selections going on at the same time.
  2. We are in the US so not sure if our experience is relevant to those who are in the UK, but my DD luckily took her exam on 3/9, a week before we entered shelter in place, and received her results on 4/13 from her dance studio. They said that the certificates and scorecards will be delayed.
  3. Thank you @Betty. @Efftee, best of luck to your DD and your family. My thoughts are with you ❤️Please do remember to also take care of yourself on this recovery journey. It is hard work not only for our DDs but for their family members as well.
  4. If I may, I would like to ask for advice as all of the comments here are so thoughtful. My DD is recovering from eating disorder. She was hospitalized for 10 days eight months ago. It all happened very quickly since she was petite to begin with. She hadn’t lost weight and had no recognizable symptoms while dancing 18 hours a week (including other forms of dance and rehearsals), so we were shocked. But she has been working hard with a great team of doctors, nutritionist and therapist and is much better now (her vital signs are fine and she is gaining weight eating three meals + three s
  5. DD is waitlisted. She loved the spring intensive last year, so will be disappointed but it is nice that more children get to experience the program. Dancer123, I hope your daughter has a wonderful time!
  6. Yes, as Peanut68 mentioned, the application fee was 32 GBP per intensive last year so 2x that if you apply for both intensives. On the nationality mix, my daughter's class was a little over 50% from the UK (spring 2019) and based on the 2017/18 annual report, the applicant pool was 57% UK, so different year, but the mix at the intensive seemed to be roughly in line with the applicant pool. Best of luck!
  7. Medora, Just photos and a simple application form. One application takes care of both the spring and the summer intensive.
  8. Pixiewoo and BellaF, Here are some pre-Easter intensives. ENBS just announced spring intensive dates on social media (4/6-4/8/2020). I believe it is first come first serve when application opens. But age requirement is likely 14-16 if it’s the same as previous years. RBS White Lodge is 4/4-4/9/2020 and is already accepting applications. Escola Artistica De Danca Conservatorio Nacional in Lisbon was 4/8-4/13 last year. The dates are not out yet for 2020.
  9. I am not sure if you would consider continental Europe. And we have no first hand experience with this course, so I am not sure if it is ok to post, but this caught our attention. https://www.art-of.net/phone/ballet-winter-course-zurich.html
  10. My DD (13yo) is exited to participate in this intensive and meet Miyako Yoshida (I believe guest faculty), while staying with her grandparents. Sorry, Ms Sunshine, we have no information other than what is on the web. We have experience with their London spring intensive, but this one looks quite different...
  11. We received the same email on the same day as you for my DD (13). I haven’t told my DD as there is no change in status...
  12. We learnt about the location in the letter that came with the invoice in an email yesterday.
  13. Location of the summer intensive is now confirmed to be at the current location, Carlyle Building.
  14. It was not explicit in the letter but I believe it is for WL and CG combined. (We applied for WL but the letter came from the Admissions Office of RBS and there was no mentioning of WL in any part of the letter. )
  15. We heard back today (from our RBS video audition). It was a “no” for my DD, but it is fine as she is the type that is motived to train harder with each rejection (though we are fairly new to this) 🙂 I just wanted to post that the letter included stats that some members seem to be interested in from time to time— 200 video applicants and 1200 in-person applicants. So very competitive indeed! Good luck to your DCs with prelim auditions this weekend and finals in a few weeks!
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