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  1. We received the same email on the same day as you for my DD (13). I haven’t told my DD as there is no change in status...
  2. We learnt about the location in the letter that came with the invoice in an email yesterday.
  3. Location of the summer intensive is now confirmed to be at the current location, Carlyle Building.
  4. It was not explicit in the letter but I believe it is for WL and CG combined. (We applied for WL but the letter came from the Admissions Office of RBS and there was no mentioning of WL in any part of the letter. )
  5. We heard back today (from our RBS video audition). It was a “no” for my DD, but it is fine as she is the type that is motived to train harder with each rejection (though we are fairly new to this) 🙂 I just wanted to post that the letter included stats that some members seem to be interested in from time to time— 200 video applicants and 1200 in-person applicants. So very competitive indeed! Good luck to your DCs with prelim auditions this weekend and finals in a few weeks!
  6. The email confirmation that we received after submiting our video stated “If you have submitted a video audition, these will be viewed together when the video selection panel convene and results will be emailed in January.” so the results should be coming this week?
  7. That is helpful (re: location). Thank you for sharing!
  8. I am sorry if I have stressed anyone out. My DD is home (=not at a residential vocational school (would like to some day!)) and her instructor that helped her with videos took off to another country to put up a performance in mid-November so we “had to” get our video done before then. So we sent our videos in early (very :-)). The downside is that she is only 12yo and had recently started pointe so she has improved quite a bit since then. Some (ENBS, NBS Canada) seem to have rolling results and some (POBS, ABT) seem to review all videos after the deadline.
  9. Thank you very much MAK and valentina! I will call them.
  10. Hello. My DD is planning to attend the ENBS summer course and I have a couple of questions. We would like to start looking for accommodations for the family. Would anyone know if the program will take place at the new London City Island studios for certain? Also, the website states that girls on pointe for less than 2 years will practice on demi pointe. Is this a clear cut rule or will they make a case by case decision after seeing the dancers? My DD 13yo will only have been on pointe for 1 year but would really like to practice her pointe this summer. I have emailed the office but the auto-response states they they are experiencing a large volume of emails, so I thought I would see if anyone on this forum knew. Thank you!
  11. Waiting list for my DD too but she is happy to be going to the spring course. Congratulations to those with a yes and good luck to those with a no/waiting list.
  12. MAK, valentina, balletbean, thank you so much for responding. Very glad to hear that your girls enjoyed the program, thought the teaching was excellent and would consider attending again. Thank you also for the class size info and packing tips. This is such a wonderful forum!
  13. Hello. My daughter (12 yo) has a place at ENBS for the summer. She is very excited but wants to wait to hear back from the other programs. I personally love the idea of being in London for the summer with her as I can take a month off from work in 2019 (sabbatical) so am secretly hoping she comes to the conclusion herself 🙂 I have read through the threads but am wondering if anyone has additional experiences from recent years that they can share especially around my daughter’s age. Thank you in advance!
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