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  1. Completely about to lose the plot here with all the confusing guidelines. Nothing is clear. Everything is left open to interpretation. So angry at the whole situation. What we need is set rules. Precise, exact, detailed rules. I’m so sick of vague claims and announcements. And the rules should apply to everyone. What was the point of this whole lockdown if people in positions of power can just decide to do what they want and it be put down to judgement. What kind of message does that send? Yes a lot of lives have been saved compared to having had no interventions. But I really truly feel that we’re giving up too early. The infection rate and death rate are still too high. In the end this will have been a waste of time and in my opinion there will be a massive second peak due to lack of consistency in guidance. If only lockdown had held out strictly a bit longer to get the transmission down further. Sorry, I got completely riled up there!! And breathe 😓 I want to go back to the studio as much as anyone. But what I don’t want is a return to everything too soon which will eventually lead to another lockdown and several more months of limbo. I just want to get this year over with, Get truly on top of this awful virus, and then return to a genuine normal ASAP.
  2. Of course it’s possible. Pointe is just as accessible to male dancers as virtuosity and grand allegro are to female dancers. if that is your goal then I completely back you on it. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to.... as long as you have the dedication and determination to succeed xx
  3. In my personal opinion 180 degree, perfect square split grand jetes are beautiful. Over split grand jetes do catch attention, but they’re not my personal preference.
  4. I have a bit of a different opinion on this personally. I don’t feel like getting a lower mark just to have done the Grade is good enough. If they have worked hard and applied themselves then they deserve the best mark they are capable of for their personal ability. Why should someone have to just accept a lower mark when, by absolutely no fault of their own, they had to be examined by video rather than in person? If someone works hard and studies and trains and puts their all into a grade and is good at it, I don’t personally think it’s ok to dismiss a lower mark as ‘fine given the circumstances’, ‘you’ll do better next time’. Because they danced their hearts out this time and deserved better. I’m not suggesting candidates should be given inflated marks or any extra advantage for having done them by video... but I strongly believe they shouldn’t be penalised for it either.
  5. That’s awful! Which grades was it for? Are the results significantly lower than previous results for the same candidates? How sad if the results have been badly affected because of the video.
  6. DeveloppeD


    Is anyone else a bit depressed about the exam cancellations and the uncertainty of when they will resume? So many plans up in the air. It’s ok for me in the long term (if inconvenient and very disappointing), but I feel bad for those who will be moving on to college or university (or leaving for whatever reason) that now won’t get the opportunity to do their next level.
  7. Thank you so much. This is the best news I’ve had in ages haha
  8. Do you happen to remember if they came in a see through pouch with a zip like closing? Sorry, I just really really loved my old ones!
  9. DeveloppeD

    Toe Pads

    I previously had a wonderful pair of toe pads that made it very easy and comfortable for me to be on pointe. They eventually got holes in them after too much use and I just can’t find a replacement good enough. I can’t remember the brand but they were completely clear gel/silicon and very thick at the toes. The shop I bought them from have changed brands and couldn’t remember which ones they were either. Could anyone recommend ones that are particularly thick at the toes please? Thank you.
  10. I do qualify for the flu jab but have always refused it as my mum got severely ill after taking it. I now feel so very stupid for that decision
  11. Yes twice a day (when I wake up and before bed) I need to take a dose of my blue inhaler followed by 2 of my brown (steroid) inhaler, all through a spacer. I get chest infections about 3 times a year generally so wouldn’t know how to differentiate Coronavirus from my usual issues. I don’t want to just skip ballet as it makes me happier than anything in the world. But I’m starting to worry it may be necessary
  12. I personally love the RAD app, I use it several times each week
  13. My dance school hasn’t yet closed but I’m considering not going as I’m a moderate asthmatic. Opinions? Am I overreacting?
  14. As a side note, how do I strap my boobs up to stop them bouncing around?! 🤣
  15. Hello all, I’m having an issue just now where I am trying to order leotards/dance underwear/general dancewear... it seems UK size 12 is ‘large’ and 14 is rarely available as ‘xl’. Are bigger/adult bodies really all that rare in dance classes and dance exams these days? Surely we’ve come so far in pushing for equality. So where is the inclusive dancewear?
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