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  1. Yes, partially. Only because I’m sure someone on here commented that their students scored very much lower than expected after doing them. Also because my fitness and strength has decreased a huge amount since the beginning of the year. I just don’t think I’m going to get the marks I’m hoping for.
  2. I’m confused though, if indoor sports can still continue in larger groups then nothing has changed since the last announcement? Why say it extends to indoor sport if it actually doesn’t?
  3. From the new online guidance about exceptions: exercise classes, organised outdoor sport or licensed outdoor physical activity, and supervised sporting activity (indoors or outdoors) for under-18s I think this looks like children and teen dance classes will be fine, but it looks like adult ones will be limited to 6? And what about mixed classes with teens and adults?
  4. Glad to see the new rules are clear as mud... as always 😏
  5. I really hope the news conference tonight makes it absolutely clear whether or not dance classes are included or not.
  6. I’m loving being back in the studio... but I’m also so frustrated with myself about all the progress I’ve lost. I need to start making some decisions about whether or not to take video exams this term - exams I would have been ready to take in summer had all this not happened. But my fitness, technique, appearance, confidence(!!) and general exam-readiness have all deteriorated a LOT in the last 6 months. I just don’t know if I’m prepared to accept a lower mark than I may be capable of in ‘normal’ times. People keep telling me the marks don’t matter, but if that’s the case then why do exams
  7. According to these articles, gatherings of more than 6 people will be illegal from Monday. It says schools, work places and ‘organised team sports’ are exempt from the new rules - so hopefully vocational schools will be ok to continue. But where do local dance schools fall within this new guidance? https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-social-gatherings-of-more-than-six-people-to-be-banned-in-england-from-monday-12066910 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54081131
  8. One option for me next term is to take my next exam by video submission. I’m completely torn on the issue - on the one hand it’s a really positive thing to work towards after all the madness. But on the other hand, my ability has decreased drastically unfortunately due to the coronavirus. I’ve also heard some reports that students have received results much lower than expected due to taking exams by video submission. Do I go for it and just ‘get it over with’ and try to achieve the best I can? Or do I wait until ‘normal’ exams return with the hope of achieving a better result ? I genuinely
  9. Completely about to lose the plot here with all the confusing guidelines. Nothing is clear. Everything is left open to interpretation. So angry at the whole situation. What we need is set rules. Precise, exact, detailed rules. I’m so sick of vague claims and announcements. And the rules should apply to everyone. What was the point of this whole lockdown if people in positions of power can just decide to do what they want and it be put down to judgement. What kind of message does that send? Yes a lot of lives have been saved compared to having had no interventions. But I really truly feel tha
  10. Of course it’s possible. Pointe is just as accessible to male dancers as virtuosity and grand allegro are to female dancers. if that is your goal then I completely back you on it. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to.... as long as you have the dedication and determination to succeed xx
  11. In my personal opinion 180 degree, perfect square split grand jetes are beautiful. Over split grand jetes do catch attention, but they’re not my personal preference.
  12. I have a bit of a different opinion on this personally. I don’t feel like getting a lower mark just to have done the Grade is good enough. If they have worked hard and applied themselves then they deserve the best mark they are capable of for their personal ability. Why should someone have to just accept a lower mark when, by absolutely no fault of their own, they had to be examined by video rather than in person? If someone works hard and studies and trains and puts their all into a grade and is good at it, I don’t personally think it’s ok to dismiss a lower mark as ‘fine given the circums
  13. That’s awful! Which grades was it for? Are the results significantly lower than previous results for the same candidates? How sad if the results have been badly affected because of the video.
  14. DeveloppeD


    Is anyone else a bit depressed about the exam cancellations and the uncertainty of when they will resume? So many plans up in the air. It’s ok for me in the long term (if inconvenient and very disappointing), but I feel bad for those who will be moving on to college or university (or leaving for whatever reason) that now won’t get the opportunity to do their next level.
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