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  1. On 13/11/2019 at 21:30, BellaF said:

    I’ve booked my daughter on the London day though will be applying for the Birmingham centre for a year 5 place. 


    First year of auditioning for us! I have my reservations about her facility (not flat in froggy) and she’s not the typical RBS build with quite muscly legs (though skinny everywhere else). But more than one teacher has suggested she tries and I suppose you have to be in it to win it 😀


    Will try for Elmhurst too and maybe Tring CBA which is a little further away. 

    Sorry forget to say.... DS is also a gymnast and so very muscular (for a Y4) and he is also not flat on his froggy but did get in. It might be of interest, that after about 10 weeks of being a JA many of the pupils saw a physiotherapist for areas of development and DS was looked at for his turnout - the feedback was that he has the potential for full turnout (not limited by structure) but limited by his muscular build or more accurately by the other sports pulling that area tight. He just has to work harder on this area and was given additional exercises to do so.


    Hope that helps 😊

  2. On 13/11/2019 at 21:30, BellaF said:

    I’ve booked my daughter on the London day though will be applying for the Birmingham centre for a year 5 place. 


    First year of auditioning for us! I have my reservations about her facility (not flat in froggy) and she’s not the typical RBS build with quite muscly legs (though skinny everywhere else). But more than one teacher has suggested she tries and I suppose you have to be in it to win it 😀


    Will try for Elmhurst too and maybe Tring CBA which is a little further away. 

    My DS did an Insight Day at Birmingham last year. I know so little about dancing but he had asked to audition for JAs and I was worried that he didn't really know what he would be signing up for or if he was anywhere near good enough. So he did the Insight to gauge potential and whether he would like it or not. The lesson was as described above, he absolutely loved it and the teacher. He came away determined to audition. I has little sense that teachers were looking at potential and if I had not taken DS up to say thank you and farewell at the end then I would have had no feedback (and wasn't looking for any). Upon saying our thanks, the teacher did comment on how well he had done (perhaps just politeness).  He did audition and is now a Y4 JA and absolutely loving it.


    Just enjoy the Insight - it is exactly that, an insight!

  3. On 24/01/2020 at 19:30, DancingWellies said:

    And the whims of the artistic director. If the candidate has sparkle (undefinable) they may have a chance. Don't forget students from other vocational schools often audition for the year 8 to 11 places, some of them get in lots don't. WL is not easy to get into.

    DS is very shy so sparkle is a concern- thank you for your thoughts 😊

  4. On 24/01/2020 at 17:16, richieN said:


    Year 7 has the whole year of places available, so the odds are greater of being successful. The finals themselves are over 2 days due to the large volume of finalists.


    Years 8, 9, 10 & 11 auditions happen over one day. There are very few finalists, only a few places available each year, and the school has to think very carefully about making sure they have dancers who have solid technique and can keep up with the rest of their year group.

    However, there are so many other intangibles that can affect your success - rate of growth, how early you started dancing, how experienced you are at auditions, etc etc etc... So I guess what I am saying is - it's up to the applicant as much as it is the conditions of the audition.

    Thank you, so much to consider. I'm told DS has the talent but possibly not yet the maturity- it's not for this year anyway so time will tell 😊

  5. On 21/01/2020 at 08:56, Millicent said:

    Thank you so much for the replies. On balance I've decided just to submit the photos as they are. I'm very much of the mind that if they want her, they want her and a slightly more pointed toe or better turnout in the photos isn't going to affect that. Katia05 thank you so much for sharing that email it was really helpful and reassuring. 

    I took my DS pics on my mobile, with little clue about the positions other than the sketches provided and he got in as a JA so I'm sure they are only used as aids in discussion!

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  6. On 28/11/2019 at 15:33, valentina said:

    Do you mean for RBS upper school? Boys or girls? Don’t have a clue re the boys but for girls, as far as I know, only one SA2 student was accepted ( she was a student at another vocational) compared with 5 from WL.

    Thank you

  7. My DS is flexible in front splits and box splits - by hard work. He has never been totally down on his froggy so we also had concerns. He did an insight day before we applied for him to audition and on that day he was encouraged to 'sign up' and more importantly for us - he thoroughly enjoyed the day and was asking to have a go. His dance school is serious about encouraging boys and so they make little fuss about uniform etc  so we were not sure he would respond to more formal pedagogy but was blown away by how good the teachers were.


    All round good experience!

  8. 15 minutes ago, SissonneDoublee said:

    Definitely normal. They had a few visits throughout the year. May be the physio in to have a look. DD was set exercises to help close the gap between her potential and working turnout.



    Thank you 😊

  9. On 14/09/2019 at 19:42, Lara Eschler said:

    My ds had a great time. The London boys had an email to audition for the sleeping beauty earlier this week.  Unfortunately, due to the time commitment and days off school my ds won’t be able to audition for it , so feeling a bit deflated. Anyone else in the same position?


    my son also had the email and he is at Eastleigh. I think all the JA boys received it.  The commitment is huge and not possible for us in Southampton, I'm in a new job and so many clashes for my DS. I also felt bad not being able to enable this opportunity  but I console myself with the fact that it really is not possible and there will be other chances. Last year there were RBS auditions for Mayflower Southampton which would have been more doable.


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  10. On 09/09/2019 at 11:45, Waverley said:

    To be honest the thing with gymnastics - to do it at a high level anyway - is that they have to be absolutely focused on that and not much else by 7/8 ish, which is crazy I know but it just seems to be the way it is. DD has two friends who now train over 20 hours a week in gym (at 8 years old). DD isn't on that track at all. 


    So it's a conversation we've been having on and off for a few years now, without trying to put ideas in her head. If i'm totally honest with myself I would prefer her to focus on dance (for various reasons) but we've been trying to let her decide so that it's on her own terms. I'd be delighted if she would quit gym today but she's just not quite there yet...!

    I share your pain. Until a few weeks ago DS  (* years old) did  18 hours of gymnastics - he competed in the foundation age British Championships in Liverpool this summer and came away with two golds. He did, Modern Tap, Contemporary, Street and Ballet. He has always said ballet is his first love and is so proud to start this weekend as a JA. As much as he loves ballet he likes gym and has of course got a few people interested in his development which flatters him. When I speak to him about it (daily) he still wants to do ballet. The JA lesson clashes with both gymnastics and dance so he has recently had to drop Street and one of his gymnastics sessions. His dance school have also changed days so further clashes mean dropping Modern/Tap. 


    Additionally, his Dance School have just announced that they are not doing exams anymore and so if he wishes to continue these then he will have to do private lessons. They tell me that Top Ballet schools are nearly all by audition and so he won't need his grades - but this is not what I see when I go onto their websites? I'm so disappointed with dance school that I now feel I have to find another and the only one that will do his level at a time he can do is many miles away.


    It's all getting difficult so I do hope he chooses soon - he tells me that he has chosen ballet but wants me to try and keep gym going for a while as he is being considered for the GBR team.


    Who knows what the future holds!

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  11. 21 hours ago, Sarahitaly said:

    Hi, JA Boys parents, l read a couple of weeks ago about the uniform, but can't remeber what you all recommended, do we buy to size or smaller or bigger?  thanks in advance x

    Hi Sarahitaly


    I can't recall all the good advice through the thread but I have fanally managed to get all the stuff for my DS - age 8. DS is exactly average height and average weight for his age (red book curve). He is narrow waist, hip and slightly long legged (not massively) and a little broad shouldered.


    I bought the boys leotard his stats suggests is Size 1 so bought this - he could not even come close to getting it on - ordered a size 2 which does fit snugly (so sizes are smaller than you would think. I would prefer a bigger size but the next size up is for 11 years olds. 


    I bought the size 1 (7-8?) shorts as he is marrow - snug but good fit.


    I bought 8-9 tracksuit top which fits nicely as a casual fit (which we like).


    Trousers sourced from amazon are not an exact match but as a man I obviously can't tell 😊- I read from others that this does not matter at all.


    White leather shoes he already had and had bought them elsewhere.


    He now looks magnificent and danced for hours in his new kit after trying them all on!!


    Hope this helps

  12. 11 hours ago, PutYourBooteesOn said:

    We were SWL last year and were told by DDs teacher that those offers come in via phonecall rather than email. It was the case for friends we know too. So one time Sylvia from RBS had to ring me about an insight day, she opened with “I’m really sorry this isn’t The Phonecall, but...” 

    That must have been such a 'heart in mouth' moment 😊

  13. 5 minutes ago, ExBallerina said:

    Ah ok, I think there were a few boys around you , we were group 4 too number 102 . I wonder how many boys were successful from our group.....my son just loved being with a big group of boys :) 

    It did seem odd (in a nice way) having other boys around. DS is always the only one in ballet. I am completely new to all this and so the following could be totally wrong but I seem to recall someone saying that they like the boys to all go to London when they get to y6 (or it might be MA). 😊

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