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  1. How can a foreign ballet dancer join Paris Opera Ballet? Also, I'd like to know whether the repertoire of Paris Opera Ballet is mostly affected by Classical, Neoclassical or Contemporary ballet(on average at least)? Regarding the first question, I tried to search but got more confused so I thought it would be better if I asked here) (Not a ballet dancer/connoisseur. Looking for basic info for a book I'm writing. Thanks for readying)
  2. Are there ballet boarding schools that focus solely on Neoclassical ballet in Canada? If not, are there at least some with some focus on it? I must admit that I don't know much about ballet but I'm writing a book where a character is passionate about it, thus I'd like to know some basic things so that should it be published, the information will be realistic and accurate.
  3. Hello! Thanks for accepting me to this forum. ☺️ I am not a ballet-dancer and don't have any experience(except basic stuff regarding some performances and styles) however I'm writing a book where the protagonist is a passionate ballet dancer and the reason I signed in this forum is the fact that I'm doing some research on ballet in order to make what's in the book seem realistic. I'd like to know beforehand whether my questions can be answered or if this is strictly a forum for ballet-dancers. (Note: Even if ballet is important in the story, it's barely involved in the main plotline but only in the past of the character and some goals he/she had made. I also don't want to spoil what happens so I might not answer some kind of questions. Most of them are related to ballet styles and ballet education, not about individual performance or technique.)
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