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  1. aisha

    Happy Xmas

    Just like to wish everyone a great Xmas, and let us hope 2019 can be a good year all over.
  2. Hi. I have always called them or known them as ballet pumps, even before I did any dancing. ( most of us call them ballet pumps or ballet shoes)
  3. Thank You, Not a fan of pink either and footless tights should work well as I still go barefooted ( cannot get used to pumps). I would have went with bare legs as I do with shorts but the skirt is fairly short 😌 and while I am not too shy I feel tights may be needed.🙂. May wait till after Xmas as might get some bargains😀. xx
  4. Hi, Tried something on similar to this outfit, it is mesh and feels so nice to wear but having got shorts not long ago for ballet I was wondering if it is best to stick to them. Also would I be okay with bare legs if I had a skirt. I am getting the bug now for dance wear. Any advice would be great
  5. Having done our performance I can now see how everyone remembers the first time they performed in front of an audience, whether small or large. Only had around 20 minutes but we all loved it and the small audience were so supportive. And I got to wear my new dance outfit . Fantastic how people can be so supportive without realising it.
  6. Thanks alot. So looking forward to wearing new shorts and top. We are not on for long ( about 20 minutes maybe as it is also an open night for a couple of other classes/ clubs that run) so great idea to have us all on the same day.😉
  7. Pretty well known one, The sugar plum fairy and Pas De Deux is another one, although I never knew that one before.
  8. So excited, got people coming to see our performance next week so have got my first dance shorts and top from my grandmother, same as the picture....early xmas pressie. We all wearing black as no real uniform so been getting lots of practice. We stop for 3 weeks over Xmas and new year so will be good to have people see what we have been doing.
  9. Thanks, I did dislike being barefoot to start with but really do not mind now as I am used to it now. I did feel self conscious about a few things to start with but after getting to know the other girls I really like going now and feel I am improving. I suppose a lot of us feel like this to start but practice can make it better.
  10. aisha

    Best Ballet Pumps

    I got to try some pumps out from some girls at my class as we were early for class. I must admit that it did feel strange as i have always went barefooted so far and must admit did feel better in barefeet once class started. I had the wrongs ones for sure as the ones i tried were so light
  11. aisha

    Best Ballet Pumps

    Thanks. I am going to look this weekend as my gran has kindly offered to get pumps and some dance wear for xmas, but will keep in mind.
  12. aisha

    Best Ballet Pumps

    Oh my goodness😦, I never realised there was so much choices and all the different materials they are made of. Will go to the shop myself and try and get a good idea and then go with my gran nearer Xmas. Also is it best to wear socks with ballet pumps as some of my class do and some dont Just that if i am trying any on in the shop then the thickness of the sock may have a bearing
  13. aisha

    Best Ballet Pumps

    Thanks for replies. I just have normal feet ( not wide or thin) so would hope most kinds will suit. I am used to doing ballet barefoot now but probably need to get pumps in the long run.
  14. aisha

    Best Ballet Pumps

    Thanks, just dont know where to start or what to look for really, but there are a couple of dance shops not far away from me so hopefully can get advice there.
  15. Hello. Looking for advice on ballet pumps. Having done some reviews and a make called Bloch keeps showing up. Not sure whether to go with them or try a couple of dance shops. Having done ballet for about 8 weeks now I want to keep going to learn more so my gran has offered to get me new dance wear for Xmas😀.
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