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  1. You're welcome, Bruce - I appreciate the feedback. No, I haven't seen Mayerling. It's a ballet that carries a mysterious shroud for me as it's not one seen often - or well-known - here in the States. I look forward to having the opportunity one day, although I may have to make my way across the Atlantic in order to do so. And you bring up an interesting question about Lopez choosing MacMillan's version of Carousel over Wheeldon's (which, I believe was choreographed on Alexandra Ansanelli not Tiler Peck), especially since the ballet was only recently added to MCB's repertoire (January 2017). Curious. It really was so wonderful seeing a Peck pointe-shoe ballet, especially on the company for which it was created; it was lovely. I saw Hurry Up, We're Dreaming here at The Kennedy Center last fall (along with many of the other ballets from Unbound that SFB is performing in London), and it wasn't quite my cup of tea. I'd love to hear your thoughts about the ballets I wrote about - they're linked on this page. I hope the theatre fills up for the rest of the run.
  2. So, I'm bummed that The Kennedy Center ballet season is over, but glad that it closes with Miami City Ballet - as a company, they are super strong. My favorite piece by far this afternoon was Walpurgisnacht Ballet - I love the music and choreography Here's my thoughts about the whole program.
  3. I'm so excited that the Kennedy Center's Ballet Across America series this year includes two iconic companies; it opened last night with Dance Theatre of Harlem, closes with Miami City Ballet, and includes a collaborative one-night-only show sandwiched in between. I definitely experienced highs and lows throughout the performance and share my thoughts here. Anyone out there have insights that corroborate or conflict with mine? Would love to hear them as this is the first time I have seen DTH live.
  4. Design Army has created an innovative and beautiful campaign to announce Hong Kong Ballet's upcoming season - I absolutely love it!
  5. Here's a fun interview with Isabella Boylston with CBS New York's Elise Finch.
  6. It is so refreshing to see the ballet world represented on TED Talks! Here's the one Miko Fogarty gave, published a couple of days ago; her attitude seems so mature for such a young woman - Brava!
  7. A writer for The Traveling Ballerina was in Fort Lauderdale last weekend, so decided to see MCB's A Midsummer Night's Dream; she also reviewed the performance. Personally, I absolutely adore the original Balanchine version so probably would have a difficult time accepting this one.
  8. Here's my thoughts about my first time seeing Mariinsky Ballet live. I went in without any judgement or concrete expectations and left looking forward to seeing them again in the fall when they will perform Paquita
  9. For those interested in reading it, I've written a review of the NYCB performance I saw last night. I left the show feeling a bit ambiguous, appreciative of their technical abilities and at the same time lacking an emotional response to what I saw.
  10. I've also - for those who do not speak Spanish - captioned the video that was posted by the Spanish government earlier today
  11. Possibly...I was actually thinking about that and wondering if he would still perform at CND, parallel to what Tamara Rojo has done at ENB.
  12. I'm already in love with Spain, so this is just one more reason to add to my list! This is what I know so far.
  13. For any of you curious about or planning a trip to Washington, D.C. within the next year, here's the ballet programming for The Kennedy Center. I'm so excited to see Paquita in its entirety!
  14. This is such a wonderful program! I wish something like this existed when I was training!
  15. Oh, that would be interesting. Keep us posted if you hear more.
  16. Thank you so much for sharing, @Lucinda! I myself started wearing Maker N back around 1990 when I was a student at the School of American Ballet. I recall going into the School's pointe shoe room on Wednesdays (the one day of the week it was available to us) and being fascinated by all the options - how lucky we were! When I became a professional, I continued to use Maker N until the end of my performing career, of course customizing it to my liking
  17. I'd love to meet and have a conversation with a maker some day!
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