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  1. Hi Everyone. Although an unfortunate topic, it is a real one. I have created this page on The Traveling Ballerina dedicated to how coronavirus is affecting the ballet industry. Considering the wide reach of this forum, I am hoping that any of you that have relevant information to add will fill out the form on the article's page so that I can keep it as updated as possible. Thank you so much!
  2. This is My Body..., the Scottish Ballet program that opened last night at The Joyce Theater, was super intense!
  3. Opening night was stunning. My words don't quite have the power to convey the feeling I had throughout - and after - the performance, but hopefully they will give you an idea of just how wonderful it was Hee Seo, Cory Stearns and Devon Teuscher are so perfectly cast. Here's my review.
  4. I also saw The Sleeping Beauty last night. As usual, it's a marathon of a ballet, and although not my favorite, I wanted to see Nureyev's version - here's my thoughts.
  5. Last night was the first time I have seen NBC live, and their performance definitely lived up to my expectations; here's my review. On another but related note, I have still to discover a Ratmansky ballet that resonates with me.
  6. This was definitely unlike any other Nutcracker I've ever seen! As mentioned in my review, I did not provide too much detail as I didn't want to ruin the element of surprise for anyone planning on seeing it; but if you want to hear about anything in particular, I'm happy to share!
  7. Here's a review and a bit of the story behind how the performances this past weekend at Sante Fe College in Gainesville, FL came about. Enjoy!
  8. Here is my review of last night's performance, the first time I've seen any of these works. It was interesting...
  9. Thank you for your support, @Douglas Allen! I am so happy to hear this, @Sim - thank you! You're very welcome, @maryrosesatonapin. Perhaps the gypsy traveling scene traffic is a venue compatibility issue. The hearing stage crew speaking...absolutely not; to me, this was a gross slip of professionalism. The scenery and costumes are absolutely glorious and spectacular, as one has come to anticipate in a Mariinsky production!
  10. I have anticipated attending this performance since it was announced and I am sorry to report that overall, I was disappointed. Here's the review I wrote about last night's experience. Anyone else there?
  11. I haven't seen Boston Ballet live in decades, and that was at the Wang Center. The beauty of the Opera House is an experience in and of itself; on top of that, Boston Ballet performing Giselle made it the highlight of my recent trip there. Here's my review of the Saturday matinee performance.
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