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  1. Tring 5th form students are happy and want to stay there for 6th form, which speaks volumes and the competition for places is huge (because of pupils wanting to join from other vocational schools). The dance faculty changed a couple of years ago and I would honestly say that looking at past graduate destinations doesn't help you understand the current situation. Please take the time to look up the current teaching faculty and their experience (and connections!) I would choose Tring every time for dance and academics. Please DM if you would like extra information.
  2. Might be best to phone the school and ask. It is wonderful school with an amazing faculty. My daughter has been there for four years and I guarantee it is worth the wait!
  3. Thank you, how do you find out which vocational schools are eligible?
  4. Thank you, we are a year off applying - just trying to work out options. Huge thank you
  5. Can they apply for funding via normal uni routes if it is a "degree" please?
  6. Does anyone know the costs of attending the Royal Ballet Upper School or the English National Ballet School please? Tuition and accommodation? Are there grants/loans available to help pay?
  7. About the Vaganova audition? My daughter wasn't able to attend in the end so I don't know. I'm sure NKBS could advise?
  8. That is such a shame - I guess different people want different things though. Thank you FlexiNexy really helpful. Sorry do you mean that you can audition for Vaganova through NKBS?
  9. I am wondering which Summer Schools people recommend for a 15 year old (as a precursor to Upper school application year)? Has anyone been/ applied for the Vaganova Academy by video please?
  10. Was this for London? How did you find out please?
  11. Does anyone know which Ballet vocational schools have a good record at getting girls into Upper Schools - RB, Princess Grace, ENB Do girls go from Elmhurst lower to RB Upper please? I know there is one from Tring for this year.
  12. Hi, academics at Tring are amazing - extremely small classes with a great standard - they pride themselves on it. Dancers have gone on to become doctors, lawyers etc. They come out extremely confident with great social skills.
  13. Hi, sorry I am a novice here. I am trying to work out which vocational schools have the best success rates at getting the girls into RB Upper school, Princess Grace, ENB etc. Do the RB take from Elmhurst? Thank you so much for your help.
  14. Thank you! Have you had a response yet? Wondering how long the waiting time is
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