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  1. Maybe it's just me but I think the kiss is consensual. I always interpret the visions scene as being Aurora's real consciousness or spirit being summoned by the Lilac Fairy - so whilst her body is still trapped in sleep in the palace she dreams the events of the vision scene. So when she beckons the prince in the pas de deux that is her telling him to follow her and Lilac and come wake her up, which seems like consent to me. The Auroras I've seen don't generally seem surprised when they are woken, it's more like she's happy to see the prince because she remembers dreaming him and hoping he can wake her up.
  2. Oh no, Xandra, I wasn't offended at all! I agree with you, I think that piece was written with younger readers in mind but I think Bidisha is very misguided in thinking that's how you appeal to a younger audience. Does she really expect us to laugh at a dumb tampon reference or cheer at a #metoo comment that doesn't really make sense? Like bridiem said I'm sure we'd all rather read an informative, thoughtful review rather than that nonsense. I'm more offended at the idea that the Observer thinks that kind piece is the only thing my generation will read nowadays.
  3. I'm sure I count as part of the younger generation - I'm in my 20s - and that review nearly made me roll my eyes out of my head. Really obnoxious writing, I can't see it appealing to anyone.
  4. New feature on Frankie Hayward's song, written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Taylor Swift. You briefly hear Frankie sing about halfway through the video 😃
  5. The only version of Dances at a Gathering that I have seen is the recent recording of POB dancing it. I was wondering what anyone thought about how this performance measures up to how it should ideally be danced? I must admit that I was a little disappointed. I'd heard so much about this ballet but I didn't really get a sense of the magic of it in that recording.
  6. Bennet Gartside has just posted some behind the scenes videos on his Instagram. It shows Mercutio dancing in the mandolin dance and then the beginning of his fight with Tybalt. Looks fantastic!
  7. The same goes for Michaela DePrince, as DePrince is the name of her adopted parents and her adopted sister is also called Mabinty so they both took another additional name when moving to America to avoid confusion. I think she was about 3 years old when she changed her name.
  8. I'm in exactly the same boat and I agree with all of this. I'm feeling quite let down by the choices for this cinema season. As a result of this, I think I'm going to have to plan an extra London trip which is more than I really should be spending.
  9. As someone who can't afford to travel to London very often I rely on the cinema screenings for the majority of my ballet viewings each season, and I must admit sometimes I wish they'd vary casting a bit more. I'm happy to see Cuthbertson in either Sleeping Beauty or Swan Lake but I do find myself wishing she hadn't been chosen for both. There are so many wonderful casts and I'd like to see as many different principals across the season as possible.
  10. I think someone used to run his social media accounts for him over the last couple of years. Something about the way things were phrased made me feel like it wasn’t really him. I run the social media for the company I work at and Polunin’s updates tended to have the same odd formality that I end up using when posting about events I wasn’t actually at! So I could be wrong but I think it seems like this is him taking back control over his accounts. It would explain why his English has gotten worse.
  11. It was filmed again in 2013 I think and shown on the BP big screens. It definitely wasn’t the same 2009 recording but it was Watson again.
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