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  1. Now you gave me an idea, this would definitely be interesting🙊🙈
  2. Yes, hears it from a few dancers there too. Most dancers really love to get applause - it is so important like food to them. Also some dancers who will dance their entire life in the corps de ballet won´t have so many chances to get it like Soloists, principals etc...
  3. Northstar, thank you for posting the photos - it is really a lovely production, one of my favourites! I am very happy that I can see it again on Christmas day (and next day La Bayadere - what a fantastic christmas it will be!).
  4. I was only once there on the 2. November where the RB company had a class. I arrived shortly after the beginning and didn´t really find a place to watch (though to be fair, I am something around 162 cm, so rather small). Maybe it depends on the performances but it can get definitely full! Since I didn´t see anything I did something else but I think it was a lovely thing and had the feeling that there were also a lot of people who had never/or not much experience with ballet before (at least that was my impression from the whispering I heard when I wandered around for some space for me).
  5. A small addition to Saodans post: Bracher reposted this on her own IG account too!
  6. All good things come in threes...loved my third watching of the Triple bill, though I have to say watching TUS for the third time was very tiring and I had the feeling it was longer than before (it wasn´t...). I am also afraid that I definitely did prefer O`Sullivan/Bracewell in this. If I had to watch it for a fourth time in this run I would probably appear later (and normally I don´t do that unless there is horrible music and I have already a migraine). I think the whole piece has potential but needs to be reworked (especially the staging when some parts of the audience even can´t see things going on the stage or in the videos etc....) Infra is still my favourite in this triple and I loved to watch the cast for the third time. Probably could watch these fantastic dancers for the rest of my life. Pure perfection from every dancer in this! Symphony in C was also wonderful, and I am glad that I got too see both casts. They were both fantastic, no matter if it was in the Corps, soloists or principals roles, though the Nunez cast was more homogenous to me (and a little bit more flawless...).
  7. I`d say it is public because the posts about the new chapter in her life appeared on at least 2 different accounts with lots of followers, one of it was Ms. Brachers account...also it is a work matter, not a private thing (like getting a baby, wedding etc.). Unless there is a rule on the forum that when a dancer leaves the company life they are getting "private". Or maybe I can write the mods about it and they decide?
  8. People who are following IG accounts of the RB dancers probably knew already about this (though not the exactly date, at least not me), but Camille Bracher will taking her final bow with the Royal Ballet tonight, confirmed by Marcelinho Sambe on his (new) bts account:
  9. I second that! In combination with O`Sullivan it made me more moved trough the whole piece. They really seemed to be the couple, really young and innocent and completely in love. Curious to see if I can relive the emotions from yesterday with Naghdi/Ball again or if I prefer the second cast. Loved Sissens as the Telegraph boy though it made the choreography for him even more not fitting. The second time I saw the first cast at Infra - and I loved it every minute of it! The whole cast was brilliant and Naghdi/Richardson were even better than last friday! And so glad that I will see them all again tonight! Symphony in C - so much applause and so well deserved for every dancer! Yesterday it was just perfection in every role, no matter if I am talking about the corps, the solists or the principals. With dancers like this I loved to watch it a few more times even when it is not my absolute favourite! No need to apologize!
  10. I wasn´t talking about the performance on Monday evening but the performance from Friday (where the first cast was dancing and definitely with Naghdi/Richardson), unfortunately I didn´t get the chance to see second cast. I think you mean the post by @Richmondhill
  11. No ticket check for me either and no one wanted to look at my backpack (not last friday and also not yesterday, came both times straight from the airport). Though I got asked yesterday if there was anything in my bag that wasn´t appropriate for the ROH. At first I wanted to ask which things weren´t appropriate for the ROH (tons of fast fast food? stuffed animals for throwing on the stage?) but then I just explained my situation and then the usher said, these things would be okay - well, I am glad that pyjamas and a toothbrush don´t offend the ROH🤔😉
  12. Finally I can write down some of my thoughts about yesterdays Triple bill... I am not sure about the Unknown Soldier. I didn´t hate it but I wouldn´t also say it is a must seen...it was alright. I have no problem with it to see it again next week (especially with a new prinicpal cast) but it doesn´t need to be stage again after this run (which is a pity because there is gone a lot of money). A friend of mine said he absolutely didn´t like the corps scene and found only the pdds between Ted and Florence moving - for me it was completely the other way around. Not the individual destiny but to see how many young, anxious and proud men died, how many women lost their loved ones and didn´t even hear about what happened to them, how many desperate parents were waiting for news of mabe their only child... Naghdi and Ball danced beautiful absolutely, but - there was something missing for me. Someone said like Prince and Princess but I don´t necessarily agree with this, but they weren´t also Romeo and Julie to me. More like from a vague dream, like a fantasy and not real people. I am curious to see if this will be different to O`sullivan and Bracewell. I liked the music, but had my problems with the interviews and memories (though this was very moving for me!) and the scrim...Also it was quite a lot of story for 30 minutes, maybe the story with more time to express it would have been better. The choreography was mostly nice though I found the choreography for the Telegraph boy very irritating - you could have thought that he would bring news about the end of the war! I was sad by the end but to be honest I am always quite moved by memories of the/a war so this doesn´t mean too much... I have seen Infra only once and it was with the Original cast - I loved it then and I was very curious to see how I would react with this complete new cast for me. I have to say: I loved it even more! Maybe because I appreciate McGregor even more then at that time, maybe because the new cast made a little softer approach to the choreography, maybe because they made it completely to their own! It just worked and it was very fascinating to see how the different couples mastered the really challenging choreography. The whole thing moved me much more than the Unknown Soldier did. A special kudos to Naghdi/Richardson, their final pdd was so brilliant and lovely, so caring and tender and so hopeful after the whole drama from the Unknown Soldier and Infra. And I am happy that I can see this fantastic cast two more times (though I really would have loved to see the second cast too!) And then Symphony in C as the final Act! I am being honest, it is not my absolute favourite piece by Balanchine and I think it has some lenghts but lFriday night it was just fascinating and great! The Corps was superb, the Principals amazing on their own and also the smaller solos were fantastic danced! It smoothed out the not ideal beginning of the evening. And it showed how much talent is in the company through all the ranks, a real show -off! My second kudos goes especially to all the dancers (not only the principals) who appeared in two or even in all three pieces and presented how well they can adapt the very different styles! All in all it was a wonderful evening and I am looking forward for the next two performances!
  13. Really can´t wait for tonight! May I ask if at the Unknown soldier the second cast is the same group as the first cast (except for the Principals of course), just with different roles (at first night the Telegraph boy was Leo Dixon, I think, second cast it is Sissens)? Or are there more different dancers? Also I noticed that there doesn´t seem to be a real second cast for Symphony in C, except for the Principal roles. The smaller solos are the same dancers aside from the dancers who got a promotion to a Principal solo in the second cast. They are replaced by someone new (except Hamilton who didnt get principal solo but also doesn´t appear in the second cast with a small solo - weird). Was it always like this?
  14. With the Insight/rehearsal starting in a little bit more than 90 minutes do we know what or who we will see? Any infos would be appreciated!
  15. Thank you already for your lovely reviews! So interesting to hear about the Unknown soldier, can´t wait to see it myself. From a friend I heard just now a mixed review about it, he absolutely loved Naghdi/Ball but didn´t find the "corps" scenes moving or impressive, something I haven´t read here. I am really curious now! Will see the triple bill earlier than I thought, because I got a surprise ticket for Friday, hopefully I will arrive on time...I am afraid it will be the first Infra cast for three times now (on Friday it is again the opening cast in all three pieces right?) but from your reviews it doesn´t seem to be the worst thing to watch this Infra Cast more than once🙂.
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