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  1. Woaw Thank You all for those answers ! Capybara, i'm from Tampere Finland, here we are a little group of Ballet Lovers and we hang out time to time to talk. I'm active on different facebook groups and some watsapp too. I'll try to find more associations or groups around my town but thanks to internet and social network is easier to share ou passion. Thanks all for your time and keep spreading our love for ballet 😍 Jeane your case is so beautiful, i Love It !! 😍
  2. Hi :) I'd like to know if you too try to share your passion for Ballet (or any other thing) as much as possible? And how? I have some t-shirts or my phone case with Ballerinas on it and usually is good to start a discussion around this topic. I can spend hours talking about Ballet or how i love dancing and so on.. So what about you?
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