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  1. As for a report, I honestly have little to add to the bits above except that I felt honored to be in the midst of an historic event! Was it perfect dancing? No - how could it be, after 18 months away and the introduction of several novice or apprentice corps dancers (the raggedy edges to Bizet 4th movmt)? Even for principals, several coming from injury or motherhood (amazing Meagan Fairchild leading Bizet 1st mvmt after giving birth to twins a few months ago). Yet, it was a magical evening, with soon-to-retire principals Maria Kowroski and Ask laCour taking the cake in a haunting rendition of Wheeldon’s After the Rain. (Wheeldon’s D.G.V. was the last work performed before COVID on 1 Mar 2020.) The other “wow performance” for me was Joseph Gordon as the leading gent in Bizet-1st mvmt. His high leaps & zippy pirouettes unforgettable! The sold-out audience cheered to the rafters, sometimes in the oddest spots of ballets - as Serenade’s ladies pique’ed in a giant circle. We just couldn’t contain our enthusiasm! Just as confetti rained from above at the final bows, love rained from the public. Welcome back, NYCB!!! ❤️ 💕 💗
  2. Here are links to a few photos of bows: Serenade l to r: LeCrone - Sanz - Hyltin - Danchig-Waring - Bouder https://share.icloud.com/photos/03Q6NSYup7UVSL-PTjlk86AZg After the Rain pdd Kowroski - laCour https://share.icloud.com/photos/0w7oT-S6Aw59fP8jBpvJM4lFA Symphony in C Andrew Litton and full cast...Tiler Angle with shaved head, behind Mearns (2nd couple from left) https://share.icloud.com/photos/0uLaa814YVzSuYwSGp-EU1TEQ I hope that I’ve done this properly...incursion into high-tech.
  3. I’ll prepare a proper report later. For now, suffice to say that the grand NYCB reopening was a huge hit from an emotional perspective! The audience fired a volley of “Bravos” to dancers and orchestra, many times. The sold-out audience wore masks...but every seat was occupied. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0oPRbbNjqrmqFLjm8Vmse5i8Q ...ah, my train to Washington is approaching. More later, when I’m awake.
  4. Will a photo attach? Let’s try. Lincoln Center plaza. It’s still here after 18 months!
  5. Didn’t know where else to put this... THE DAY HAS ARRIVED! NYCB is reopening tonight! WHOOP - WHOOP! 🥳 At Union Station, Washington, DC, about to Board my train. Curtain up on Serenade at 7:30pm...and the orchestra has agreed to play. Big applause to them!
  6. I’m glad that this forum chose to keep this topic alive & not bury it. That said, the behaviors described in Jennings’ article are disgusting. They makes me feel like 🤮. Not blaming individuals. Not blaming any one institution or country. Enough said.
  7. I’ve just received an email from Waterstones about my order. It’s been dispatched, with a link to Royal Mail tracking! 🥳 ✈️ 👑
  8. “This item is no longer available.” That’s the message that I get when clicking within Waterstones’ receipt-email to view status of order...yet PayPal took my £42 for book + intl shipping on 24 August. I’ll give it another two weeks before cancelling the order and requesting a refund. Hey, I tried...I love to support dance authors/historians.
  9. Mine has not even been dispatched. Payment to Waterstones made on 24 August. I live in Washington, DC...paid for intl dispatching. I’m sure that it will be worth the wait (& weight). 😆
  10. Time flies when one’s having fun! Thanks for the memories.
  11. Thanks for this idea, Jan. I didn’t realize that Waterstones had an online store. Just ordered my copy and bookmarked the site for future offerings from the UK! (Shame on Amazon, making it so tough to obtain this book.) link - https://www.waterstones.com/book/clement-crisp-reviews/gerald-dowler/9781527287747
  12. At least it’s listed on UK’s, France’s & Japan’s Amazon, although “currently unavailable” in each, https://www.amazon.co.uk/Clement-Crisp-Reviews-Decades-Dance/dp/1527287742/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=clement+crisp+reviews+sixty+years+of+dance&qid=1629713969&s=books&sprefix=Clement+Crisp&sr=1-1 It doesn’t even appear in a search on USA’s Amazon. Is this a limited (niche, boutique) printing? They don’t seem to want mere ballet-loving “peasants” to get ahold of a copy. 🤔
  13. Don’t productions in Sydney normally follow their presentations (premieres or revivals) in Melbourne? So if, say, Ratmansky’s Harlequinade premiere in Melbourne is cancelled, could it be presented in Sydney a month later? That doesn’t even take into account the heavy use of children in that production. speaking of- I believe that Ratmansky tweeted that the company decided to finish setting Harlequinade in the studios, so it will be ready to roll when a new season begins. It’s a great ballet and will be well worth the wait once you see it...with the original Imperial Russian sets & costumes recreated...much more luxurious than the ABT-Ratmansky Sleeping Beauty!
  14. I have this through a friend who captured the telecast. Highly recommended! It’s a truly magnificent program of two rare gems of balletic history.
  15. I love Budapest’s Margit Island summer theatre! I’m sure that it was a magical evening.
  16. I like the streaming part; not so much “digital creativity”! Just roll the camera as dancers perform to an audience, please. By the way, some problem is brewing with the NYCB Orchestra not having been paid what was promised during the COVID lay-off period. I hope that this is resolved before opening night on 21 September. https://slippedisc.com/2021/08/ny-city-ballet-is-told-it-does-not-have-to-pay-its-orchestra/
  17. Kansas City Ballet (USA) has made its entire 13-episode New Moves series of films available to stream for free through 22 August, via this site: https://kcballet.org/kc-ballet-at-home/#newmoves These are 13 works, created especially for film by noted choreographers (such as Helen Pickett, who I greatly admire), filmed on location throughout the city. Also in this space, if one scrolls above the New Moves section, are links to three KCB “2nd company” performances of interesting works, such as Flower Festival pdd and ballets by notable current choreographers (Christopher Ruud, for ex.). Have a happy Kansas City Ballet marathon! p.s. There’s even more! So many delights within the above link...such as a series of fascinating podcasts (talks) on ballet music, by KCB’s music director Ramona Pasegrau. I just listened to the hour-long chat on Cesare Pugni, for example. * Donations to KCB encouraged; top of the webpage *
  18. Sorry, Naomi and Jan! Here in the Washington DC area, the “masks indoors” mandate is back, courtesy of the Delta variant. My big hope is that the theatres here (& in NYC) reopen in September, as planned. I want to see that curtain rise on the moonlit Serenade on 21 September. I cry just thinking about it...”Curtain up - 21 September...”
  19. Actual performance time (both parts, seven ballets) runs about 87 minutes. I watched live & I timed it thus: (Began about 10 mins late...”blank time”) Intro talks - 10 minutes Part 1 - four ballets - 45 mins Intermission, with cool music in the background, by resident string quartet Brooklyn Rider - 30 mins Part 2 - three ballets + end credits - 42 mins
  20. Totally agree with your assessment, Bruce. I particularly enjoyed the wit of Whiteside’s ballet, A Perpendicular Expression (to Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody)...and the panache and dash of all six star performers: Fairchild, Phelan, Stearns, Teauscher, and both “Cindies” (Whiteside and Boylston)! So far I’ve seen only three ballets by Whiteside — New American Romance and City of Women, both for ABT — but truly love his musicality and obvious love of tradition, cloaked in modernity. In the second half, I was awed by Justin Peck’s modern take on Balanchine’s Tchaik pdd...titled Bloom, to an original score by Caroline Shaw with many references to Tchaikovsky. A real tour de force for dancers Tiler Peck & Herman Cornejo! The Big finale - Cleo Parker Robinson’s Standing on the Shoulders to Omar Thomas’ jazzy-Mardi Gras style score - with all dancers joining in at the end - had me dancing & clapping in front of my computer! Whee!!! 🎉 🥳 🎈
  21. Playbill for tonight’s Vail Festival NOW: PREMIERES show: https://vaildance.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/VDF2021-NOW-080921_FINAL-NEW-210PM.pdf
  22. Good news! According to a recent podcast-interview with NYCB pianist Cameron Grant, tomorrow’s livestream of the final 2021 Vail Dance Festival’s closing programme, will be available to view for one week.
  23. Sorry, no word from Vail about the possibility of watching Monday’s NOW: PREMIERES past the livestream. I’ll be offline for two days... here’s a link to the Festival’s website’s description of the evening. Several NYCB, ABT,etc performers listed: https://vaildance.org/event/now-premieres-2021/
  24. So far, it appears to be only live...7:30pm local time in Vail, Colorado. Sorry! 😞 Last year’s virtual festival offerings - films of past performances - were up for a week or so. Maybe Damien Woetzel will be extra kind and keep a film of this show up? Following on the heels of getting up in the middle of the night to catch my gymnastics live from Tokyo...this is tough, I know. Grr. p.s. I’ve just written to the festival & will report back on any answer.
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