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  1. Thank you Meadowblythe for sharing and big congratulations to your DD it sounds like she has an amazing future ahead of her. It is very interesting to hear your experiences and does make me feel slightly braver about the whole thing! I think you are right we just have to decide whether it’s worth just going for it. Many thanks. X
  2. He would be starting in yr 8.
  3. Thanks everyone for your advice, it is such a hard decision. My dc is already at a very good grammar school so it would be a lot to give up and I do worry that fitting in the curriculum in half the time is going to limit his academic options. A lot to think about!
  4. Hi, does anyone know what the academic standard is like at Tring Park? My ds would like to go full time but he is currently at a very good grammar school and I am very concerned that his studies will suffer as a result. Looking at the Ofsted report there appears to be a few issues with pushing more capable students to reach their full potential. Does anyone have experience of this ??
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