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  1. exactly my thoughts. i was trying to listen to hear the pitch was different in the orchestra and i think it was definitely higher in the fonteyn slip. re cutherbertson: I don't see a bad night here, maybe one bobble, but sergie's one-arm fish are the best ever. and the turns SO fast. he was just a great partner. blair wasn't a slouch either. i've seen some really horrid versions of this pdd on youtube. i wish we could see his Manon.
  2. and here i was hoping kobborg would have put the kabosh on putin showing up. that's not rebelliousness, that's disrespect for the whole ballet, the other dancers, the audience, the choreographer. it is not part of Romeo the character and above all, dancers are actors, portraying a role and costumes reflect that role. it's polunin saying his tattoo is more important than everything else.
  3. yes, i totally agree. i was watching a video of a bit of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and was reminded of how good he was. the finesse. i wonder if koborg choreographed sergei's romeo to reflect his style of dancing now. flailing arms, horrid landings. polunin may think it is a freer way of doing ballet but i think many times it is just sloppy and reflects his spoken attitude about not taking class on a regular basis.
  4. just looking at the videos that are out there, curtain calls etc, i gotta say, black long dresses for all the women seems like a bad choice. especially at the distances people have to view the stage. they simply fade into the shadows. but that's my aesthetic.
  5. it was a short vid posted by one of the dancers - caption said a few minutes before the show. i think it must have been the angle of the shot because later pics showed thousands of people. it's hard to imagine all the work, the time and effort it took to put on this production for just one night. whatever i think of polunin's politics and antics, this was quite an amazing undertaking.
  6. i am wondering how it went! anyone see any reviews anywhere? i didn't realize it was an outdoor venue, not being familiar with Italy.
  7. oh, i thought he was still teaching. i miss his dancing! thanks for the info.
  8. Cope is leaving. that was a surprise to me. wonder what his plans are now.
  9. this program may have made that clear, but i am referring to several other press releases out there. and no, being part of a team that happened to win gold overall does not make her a champion. bronze is not gold. but that's me. i am very particular about my ice dancing. :-)
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