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  1. and yet above, someone said that Osipova should spend more time in class. i have no idea, i just know what i like to see, how it makes me feel. the only time i've noticed someone shoes is fairly recently the toe was SO long it looked odd because you know the dancers foot is not that long from the arch to the toe.
  2. sarcasm literally means to flay the flesh from. so as a form of communication, it is worthless.
  3. i tend to remind those nasty-naysayers that Osipova is a person, a human being, who shares her art with us even when her feet hurt and should not be the subject of attacks on social media. these lovely dancers do not exist in a vacuum, so what is said will eventually get back to them. unfortunately, if a reviewer goes on the attack, it is much more immediate. can you imagine what she must have felt to read that "fag" comment? have you ever read anything approaching that level of dismissiveness about nunes? or cutherbertson?
  4. i am not assuming anything. it is basic physics and physiology. without good upper body strength, a man can't lift a woman over his head easily. just as if his legs aren't strong he isn't going to be jumping well. my question was he training enough. just a question, nothing more.
  5. actually he was out for more than 2.5 years, came back, and on his first night back - at the ROH no less last year, was injured again. i would imagine as he approaches the time when many male dancers retire, he dances with a certain apprehension. but if he is not taking time to strengthen his upper body, lifts are not going to work well or be easy.
  6. do you think hallberg simply needs to work out in the gym more? to become stronger?
  7. i totally agree! i think he wrote about that entrance in his book, or talked about it in an interview, his introduction to the russians!
  8. i saw him on a Kings of Dance tour several years ago. he was absolutely riveting. i only had one complaint, he wore a big black pleated skirt during one of his solos. i mean, here is a guy with some of the best legs in the business, and they dress him in a skirt.
  9. i've noticed that reviewers and just plain folks online find it acceptable to totally trash Osipova. complaining about her back, her shoes, her arms, her hands, her pelvis, everything. i've never noticed any other dancer being subjected to same sort of nastiness. there were some really unpleasant people on facebook who were just demeaning her and her shoes for heaven's sake. there are dancers i am not fond of, but i am not going to express what i consider their faults ad nauseum. it's sad.
  10. i don't see the first episode on youtube, at least labeled as such. 2-6 are there...
  11. "this is an Aurora who has reluctantly stubbed out a fag on the way into her own 16th birthday party and can’t wait for the whole blasted thing to be over" oh. my.
  12. these long waisted tutus make the dancers legs look short and their upper bodies way too long. in the fonteyn video i loved the shorter tutus, those are the type i remember from when i was much younger.
  13. well that is interesting. dowell's legs in the fish are in a totally different position than now, especially the second one. looks as if he was getting ready to lift weights. but the speed was certainly exciting.
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