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  1. @balletboy8I hope that’s not the case re the 15th. We’re still waiting for an injury to heal to take the photos. So was going to leave it a few weeks!
  2. Thanks @PetitJeté I’ll email to check. I definitely don’t think it would be worth trying with the same pics, looking back at them they really weren’t great 😁. Good luck to your DD.
  3. Does anyone know if you can change the pictures on the application for summer? We are going to apply following a no for spring but the pictures do not show DD in her best light so would like to change them. When I go into the application it would let me delete them and add more but it also says you can’t change the photos once submitted. I don’t know whether to submit a new application with different email address. There would really be no point in using the ones for spring. ALSO, for age 10 can you only request one of the weeks? We could do
  4. Hello, yes I would be interested. Would you mind sending me a pic?
  5. Does anyone have a degas leotard age 10? Preferably not white. Ideally royal blue, red or eglatine but if anyone has other colours I might be interested.
  6. Hello, Would a T1 fit an age 10 child?
  7. Congratulations to all the swl and yeses. DD looks to be the only no on here just now 😢
  8. @Crazylifecrazykids DD doesn’t know when results are out either. That way only one of us is being driven crazy wondering 😁. Good luck 🤞
  9. That must be so frustrating @Mum of unicorn dancer SWL 5 times! There must be something there, surely it’s got to turn into a yes soon? I told myself I wouldn’t worry about it but I know how much DD wants to go to WL and I just think even if she could live the dream for a week! We’ve got until next year for full time applications so plenty of time to have another go but I still doesn’t stem the hope!
  10. @Whiteduvet I’ve considered the following: *photos *children that don’t require funding so more money for RBS *children that do a reasonable amount of dancing so could cope with the days *those that have indicated they want full time training *I can’t decide whether being a current JA is a positive or not. I’m sure there’s more but I can’t think what they are just now, these are just from the questions on the application. But even after thinking about all of the above I still think it’s a lottery 😁.
  11. Aww @HopelessMummywas your DD/DS supposed to be going to Hong Kong? As much as I was hoping it wouldn’t reduce the slim chance for London spring intensive even further I’m sorry for the kids that got into 2020 and after all this will have to reapply.
  12. I’ve just seen that the Hong Kong spring intensive has been postponed until 2022. Had people been notified about places for the HK one? I’m just wondering if they had and if that means they’ll get the spring places instead so there’s an even smaller chance? As the date for notification gets nearer I’m going through every possible scenario to see whether DD has any chance at all! My gut feeling is that it will be a no but I can’t help but think ‘what if!’
  13. Ooh fingers crossed then. That’s only 16 days 😁. Not that I’m expecting to receive a yes 😂
  14. That was before they extended the closing deadline though wasn’t it. Do you think that will make the results later?
  15. @Dizzyballetmum thank you so much for your post. It’s really helpful to have a first hand account and your post did that (and brought a tear to my eye) you must be so proud of your daughter. We’ve got another year before we start auditions and DDs dream could change by then but I’ve always felt that we’d have a go and see what happens. Chances of getting in are tiny we both know that and it could only last a year, we know that too, but if we can approach it with one year is better than none if that is where her heart lies then we’ll be ok. I want to approach it with joy rat
  16. Some of these posts make really worrying reading to new parents that are about to enter into the audition cycle in a year or two for their children that have a dream! Reading these posts worries me that it would be the wrong thing to do to even entertain the idea of auditioning for any vocational school, but surely it must work for some? Is it really that bad?
  17. Oh my goodness @Crazylifecrazykids what do you need to do in the video? Is that because they’re not holding normal prelims due to Covid? I’m glad we’ve got another year before we worry about that! Good luck.
  18. That’s helpful as the emails two of us seem to have received are confusing, but I suppose it’s how we’ve phrased the question. Our photos are currently without socks so will leave them as they are.
  19. I emailed and got the following: Should your daughter wish to wear socks then short socks will be absolutely fine. Bare legs and ballet shoes are required???
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