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  1. 18 hours ago, Ballerina_girl said:

    We just had an email asking if we would consider going to an alternative centre. We are on SWL but the centre is too far. Assuming this might of been an email to all still left on waitlist to see if there was any interest? 

     We are SWL but didn’t receive an email. 

  2. 14 minutes ago, Tiptoet said:

    Yep same here. 2 corrections to works on and come back. Not sure we will this year though x

    Sorry to hear that. What were the corrections? It’s seems the emails and feedback are more personal this time. 

  3. We just got a no by email. Although it said she has potential and could be ready next time. However they could keep saying that and taking our audition money. It’s very tricky!! 
    hope everyone else hears soon. 

  4. My daughter is 11, I think they’ve watched it 6-7 times (including 6pm last night after the yes emails were sent out). Some views were 2-3 Minutes but 2 views were 6-7 minutes. The recording was 9:50. 
    I am surprised they haven’t sent all the responses on 1 day. 
    I’m presuming it’s a no, but my husband suggested they might have a waiting list.
    Who knows!!

  5. Just now, Dancedreamer said:

    its a yes for my DS we are  beyond excited!!! he has been dancing less than a year, mostly all of which has been on zoom, but has worked really hard!! 


    Good luck to everyone else!!

    Well done, that’s great news. 

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