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  1. YDA -Young Dancers Academy, and Westend school of Dance. Any information greatly received🙏

    My son has just been offered a full place , he’s currently in year 7 .

    Do the school also teach academics on top of Dance? I can’t see anything of timetables.
    For students who live outside of London and can’t travel daily,I can’t see any boarding options?
     He Auditioned for a associate place. So overwhelmed and overjoyed.  
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. ;) xox 🌎 

  2. I watch the film this evening very good, definitely watch it with my little boy tomorrow, inset day :) it’s a 15 so I watched throw first but great story, proving ballet being introduced to the masses, it’s changing for the better very exciting times! Please fingers crossed for lil boy, made into, white lodge and Elmhurst finals any advice greatly appreciated he’s 11 , so excited for him and scared all at once! Xx

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  3. Acosta Danza: Evolution 17th March 2020 7:30pm doors open at 6:45pm  Stall Tickets (Centre) P36 -P37  + perfect view, postage and cost of the tickets is all I’m asking for, it would be such a shame forsee them go to wast, this will be fantastic, But have news my lil boy has finals with Elmhurst and white lodge and will be travel in the day to Birmingham! Fingers and toes crossed everybody please, he’s only 11, or we would miss this fit the world. Hopefully catch the ballet before the company more on! Do tickets

    1 child u26 - 1 adult £32.50  or possible exchange? X

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