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  1. I haven’t told my DD yet as she was in such a good mood coming out of school. I didn’t want to upset her before going to dance tonight.
  2. It’s a no for us for yr 5. I have mixed feelings about whether to let her try again next year.
  3. Fingers crossed for Totnes and London tomorrow. Although I fully expect a no again following last year’s no for yr 4.
  4. We’re waiting for London. DD auditioned for yr 5 on the 29th May.
  5. We are also still waiting for audition date for London so I don’t think you’ve missed anything.
  6. Hi 👋🏻 After having had 2 days off work I think I’ll be glad to go back tomorrow just to stop me constantly refreshing my emails.
  7. My daughter was the 1.30 audition on the Friday. I really hope they don’t keep us waiting over the weekend.
  8. My daughter was also in the 1.30 class on the last day in London. She had a great time and has already decided that she will try again next year if she doesn’t get in this time.
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