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  1. As mentioned above. It’s an e ticket. £9.
  2. Amphitheatre B34&35 £12 each Selling both together only
  3. As mentioned above. It’s an e-ticket. £9. PM me.
  4. As mentioned above. Just need one ticket on any of these dates: 17/2, 18/2, 25/2, 2/3 PM me if you have a spare ticket. Thank you!
  5. I'm looking for a ticket for Stuttgart Ballet's Sleeping Beauty 29th December 1.30pm performance. Or does anyone know what is the best way to get tickets for a sold-out performance by Stuttgart Ballet? Also, I have a ticket for 29th December 7pm performance (stalls first row seat no.9). If anyone is interested, kindly pm me. And does anyone know if it's possible to return the ticket to the box office? Thank you!
  6. As mentioned above. £10 e-ticket PM me if interested
  7. Hi, may I please have the ticket? Have sent you a dm. Thanks!
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