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  1. Please let me know when you get this message whether the tickets are still available.
  2. I would like these please, if you could let me know how to transfer the money? Many thanks.
  3. And none now that I have been able to go on the site again! The booking system is really dreadful, designed to maximise blood pressure! It still says "buy now"! Anyone hearing of returns please let me know!
  4. Public booking opened today but still says sold out. 2 tickets wanted for February 28th Conversation with Steven McRae.
  5. 2 tickets wanted for Insights - in conversation with Steven McRae, 28 February - please.
  6. Wanted, 2 tickets for Mayerling with McRae, Lamb, 15 October
  7. Hi. Could you tell me what best offer you would accept on either of these pairs of tickets? Many thanks
  8. Hi. Thanks for giving so much information. Unfortunately I can only use 2 tickets, so let me know if you get someone else wanting to do the same, otherwise I will assume you are holding out for 4 to the same person as there is still plenty of time. Where on the website can you see the view from each seat, I couldn't find it? This would be useful to know. Many thanks, Janet
  9. Thank you so much for this helpful comment. (Have been trying to sign up unsuccessfully for 5 days to try & get these tickets! )
  10. Hi. I would like D 78 & 79 please, as long as there isn't a restricted view. Don't know how we go about it? Regards
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