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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a ticket for Don Q on the 16th of February. I'll answer here or via PM. Thank you
  2. It was my first time seeing the Royal Ballet. I had been wanting to see Marianela so badly for a while. They were all amazing, the 3 leads and everyone else (a special mention for Akane and Claire). I keep dreaming about this performance since I've seen it. I feel like I've witnessed a piece of art that will remain historic (and I can't wait for the DVD). Vadim was a compelling Solor. I don't think he lacks charisma. I just find him really subtle. He made me feel for Solor when I usually don't care that much for this character. You could feel his love for Nikiya through the all performance. Natalia was a passionate Gamzatti. She was giving everything she could and keeping her head high. I personally find that her personality fits this role perfectly. She was playing it strong and but you feel this tragedy was destroying her. And Marianela... she was just magical. She has the perfect sensitivity for playing Nikiya. She was so vulnerable, especially during the act I and III. In the temple she was magical, flying around everyone else. Her technique during Nikiya's death was remarkable (but well, she's Nela). She used her perfect technique to skillfully convey emotions. Her death moved me. Until now Ulyana Lopatkina was my favorite Nikiya. Now, I'm not so sure. Also, the tension between Nikiya and Gamzatti could not have been better. Each dancer pushed the other one to be even better and their scene together in act I was powerful. I can understand this comment. But I also believe that act I was overwhelmingly fabulous. She might just have been too good in the rest of the performance.
  3. I definitely agree with this statement. Leaving out the 'happy' dance in the variation of Nykia's death does make it lose some meaning. I do love Nureyev version too. But I bet Nunez and Osipova together can make us forget about those missing parts.
  4. Of course. I was asking outside of those things. I've only seen Nela's Giselle on DVD. I love her interpretation so much. Here, I really wonder about the dynamic between the both of them. As anyone seen Marianela as Nikya yet?
  5. Thank you for uploading this. I can't wait to see La Bayadère. However, I was wondering how 'set in stone' is this casting announcement? I know that once it's on the website they don't change the cast, except if injuries happen. I am not from the UK and I'm thinking about planning a trip to London this autumn. Seeing Nunez and Osipova in the same production got me all excited!
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