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  1. Does anyone know if there are any host families available if DD is lucky to get a place?
  2. Why are they not contacting students from finals who didn’t get a space
  3. Has anyone had results of Elmhurst summer school yet?
  4. Thank you. How many A levels do most do? I believe you have to miss the extra classes to do A levels. My DD is worried about missing Pilates etc. Your DS sounds like he is doing extremely well x. Do they give a lot of support to look for jobs after?
  5. @Picturesinthefirelight Ok thanks. That doesn’t sound good.
  6. Please can I have recommendations between Ballet Theatre and Tring Park for Ballet focus training sixth form?
  7. Hi, is there something similar for Tring starting sixth form?
  8. I thought it was only scholarships offered for upper school. please can I ask what % scholarships are available for upper school? We are on waiting list
  9. Thanks. Are they being received in the post today or just sent today?
  10. Hi Does anyone know how many scholarships are available for Tring Sixth Form?
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