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  1. Will do that. I kind of know it’s a no being realistic. But you never know unless you try!
  2. Ok thank you , it definitely said white lodge on my daughters letter .
  3. Hi Any results for Birmingham yet? White lodge ?
  4. Hi Thank you so much, I have been sent all the information now which is great, look forward to meeting you in December.
  5. Hi there My DD is starting Elmhurst extended young dancers year 7 in September. I have requested uniform details a few times but haven't had them yet. As i am going away for a few weeks i wanted to order. has anyone had anymore information other than term dates and class times. Many thanks
  6. Hi my daughter has an audition for extended young Dancers year 7 tomorrow at Elmhurst, anybody advise if similar audition process to royal ballet mids. Also she has a place at Elmhurst Summer school, very excited. Anybody else have a place , she doesn’t know anyone else going . Thank you
  7. Thank You I am new to this forum, and forums in general, but I can see its going to be really useful in finding out what is on offer for my daughte. Any tips on how to use this forum effectively would be much appreciated.
  8. Havnt heard either, also trying to forget about it! long wait but we should know next week. Good luck
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