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  1. Hi she got her initial no around April time then was offered her place in the September. 👍
  2. Couldn’t agree more, I feel exactly the same and questioning if this is the industry I really want my DD to be entering. The more I witness like you the less and less I’m impressed.
  3. Hi yes my DD did she wasn’t a JA but offered a MA place from waiting list. Don’t loose faith xx🤞 good luck to your dd
  4. Hi my dd went when she was in Year 11 and really enjoyed the class. 😊
  5. Thank you 😊 No it was a couple of years ago. She had got no for Yr 7, waiting list for Y8 and got offered a place. She really enjoyed it and the challenge and went on to do SA. Good luck to your dc will keep 🤞
  6. Hi yes my dd did for mids and she wasn’t a JA either so you never know. Fingers crossed 🤞 😊
  7. @Streetdancer when my dd got her no like your email said so no feedback and we took it as read, however when I next saw dd dance teacher she had contacted RBS herself and was given good constructive feedback. That was 4 years ago not sure if policy has changed. I’m sure there is people on here with more updated advice. Good luck 😊
  8. Morning I’ve only been on this forum for a couple of weeks and have as they say been “lurking in the shadows” whilst doing my spot of lurking I have found it be really useful and have gained lots of valuable information from various topic posts so thanks to you all and would like like wish all your dc the very best of luck for their futures and a huge well done to all the parents who are supporting their dc like me who has a dd and recently done “the rounds” with auditions, it’s quite an emotional rollercoaster and even though she has been dancing since the age of 3 I find there is always something I have to learn or get my head around in the world of dance. Very best wishes
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