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  1. Well that’s good to know because I was worried about asking but I’ll start off the conversation regarding the options available following these results and see what happens. I would have thought that the total finalists being at 62, then the awards say 1-14 (example I don’t know how many MDS awards there are), then continuing with the numbering in order of scores, so 19th I would assume is high up the list, but I don’t know for sure. Did she mean 4th in order of the reserve list in the sense that if there were 14 awards given out then number 18 on the list would technically be number 4 reserve? Fingers crossed for you. I’m dying to know where my DD is now.
  2. That makes sense. I’ll try again tomorrow and email if no joy via phone. Thanks, hope everything works out for you.
  3. Sorry to. It too, despise predictive text!
  4. Sorry it wasn’t an immediate yes. Did they mind you asking that question? I wasn’t going to ask them as it said not to on the letter, but everyone seems too know where their DD or DS are, so will try and find out tomorrow. All very new to me so I don’t know the correct etiquette ha-ha. DD only auditioned for an associate place this year too so this is including this forum which is of an immense help is new to me too.
  5. Yes I expect so, just found it amusing. I’ll try again tomorrow.
  6. Well done to everyone who got the results they wanted. An amazing achievement. 😊 xx
  7. I’ve tried ringing them today about paying the registration fee, ideally would like to know if I’m better off setting fire to it because if she’s well down the list then there’s no point. It couldn’t get through an d then got a message they close at 4:30 (it was 2pm haha), try again tomorrow. Don’t really want to ask where my DD is on the list as it says not to in the letter?
  8. Yes Year 7; thanks, one can only hope, she’s just a bit gutted because they’ve said she’s of a standard for The Hammond but obviously not good enough for a scholarship, which we really needed. She’ll bounce back and she has her Associate place to fall back on if an MDS etc. doesn’t become a viable option, so it’s not all bad. I just want her to have the best opportunity to do the thing she loves most, (as we all do I guess), so right now feeling low and disappointed for her, but tomorrow is another day as they say.
  9. Thanks, I will. It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind ha-ha.
  10. I’ll ring First thing on Monday and hope someone can take payment, it’s our first time auditioning for anything like this so it’s all new to us, so don’t know about last year, but yes it does seem to be everything at once in a short space of time. Thanks for all your help.
  11. Thanks, I’ve just called and the message says their offices will be open 8am Monday so hopefully there will be someone there who will be able to take payment and at least keep DD’s name on the reserve list.
  12. We received a letter stating our DD is on the reserve list, is there anyone available to speak to (as their now on half term), so I can pay over the phone? Or do you think it will be okay to hang on until after the holidays? I can post the registration form to them as soon as I have done my DD’s passport photo tomorrow.
  13. Perhaps we as parents may have scuppered our DD’s audition then by not providing this in time, but no one at the Hammond mentioned to us a deadline date, just as soon as possible. We are still waiting on payroll to provide us with the information and documents they’ve asked for. Never mind, obviously not meant to be. Thanks for the information.
  14. Ah right, I wasn’t aware of that. I’ll have to speak to them.
  15. That’s the first I’ve heard about having to hand them in before the funding audition, as the auditions are rated on talent and not financial status, so they wouldn’t need that paperwork prior to the audition. At the first audition she said to hand them in as soon as possible and no later than August for all paperwork relating to your DC. I may have misheard though. If that’s what they do then that seems a little unfair, especially when they’ve stated on the letter that they go in order, can understand about the boy/girl scenario, but not year groups necessarily. It’s a whole new world to us so I’m just going to hand the financial forms in and have a chat about bursaries, but right now I’m thinking it’s a lost cause and we will just stay as we are and maybe re-audition next year.
  16. I need to get them sent off, was waiting for the results first.
  17. I honestly don’t know, it does say to not contact them about the list as they will contact you, but I really don’t want to pay the registration fee to be told that even with a bursary we still can’t afford it as in the letter it says you have to have submitted the registration form and I’m assuming the registration fee along with it before having financial discussions with them. ☹️
  18. I think it means that successful candidates have until that date to accept the scholarship and then they’ll go to the reserve list in order (they score points in the audition so the highest scorer on the reserve list will get selected first should any awards become available due to people not accepting, which I would assume is highly unlikely but I’m new to all this so wouldn’t know for certain).
  19. My DD on reserve list for the MDS at The Hammond too. She’s gutted as we really needed the scholarship (as I guess most do). I’m assuming it will be a no go as everyone offered the MDS will take it and I’ve no idea where on the reserve list she has been placed. Even if we could get 50% off fees with their own bursary, it would still be too much to pay for us and our circumstances. At least she can still gain valuable experience as an Associate there and has learnt a lot just from the audition process.
  20. Hi, do they inform you about MDS funding results via mail or phone at the Hammond? Is anyone aware of how many MDS scholarships are awarded there? Thanks and good luck everyone.
  21. @Jan McNulty thank you for your help. Kind regards
  22. Sorry to confuse you; what I’m saying is they mentioned they had so many kids the following day for call back but I wasn’t sure who they were for. How many lower school children do you think they may have at my DD’s scholarship audition next week? Sorry this is all very new to us and a bit of a whirlwind.
  23. Thanks, so the recalls they mentioned to us on the actual audition day were all for upper school and not lower school? Thanks
  24. Hello, yes sorry, it is for the Lower School.
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