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  1. Thanks. DD was fine. I think she's had a private cry, but doesn't want to admit it. She said she didn't think she'd get in. Teacher is going to chase feedback and see what happened! A bit of me wonders if I can carry on with this game . ( and we've not really begun ) and we've not even started looking at or even thinking about post 16 or 18 training! 😣
  2. Well, just had a 'thank you for auditioning and sadly can't offer you a place' email for Northern. DD will be disappointed, and I am disappointed for her, but she did say that the contemporary section was very hard. so I hope she'll be ok when I tell her. Personally, I don't ( and didn't ) think it was right for her, and also, am pleased we won't be driving to Leeds every Saturday !
  3. The Northern recall includes contemporary, I think York Scholars audition does too. Renaissance audition is Ballet & Jazz as far as I know. DD is auditioning for the lot, and we'll see how she gets on, then we'll see what is the best for her. I think the ones with additional classes to just ballet/contemporary will be best, as she isn't wanting to go down the classical ballet route particularly. Does anyone know, if your child auditions and gets offered a place, and then you decide not to take it, then if your child decides to audition the following year, are the schemes going to remember that your child has auditioned in the past, and turned a place down? I know I'm probably jumping the gun a bit, but I'm thinking you won't actually know what suits your child, and also, as they grow, they want to do different things? There are times I wish DD was into something simple she could do at home!
  4. Hi, yes she did, and we too have a final audition on the 25th! She really enjoyed the class, and is looking forward to doing some contemporary too. she is also auditioning for York Dance scholars and Renaissance Arts! xx ps ... i rang and 'normal printer paper' photos were fine, so that's what I sent. initially I printed in 'best', but they looked blurry, so I went with normal print as well!
  5. Thank you. Northern Ballet in Leeds. Street Dancer, my DD would have loved to do the open day, but we have a family commitment that I couldn't change. ( we seem to miss alot of things due to DDs dancing! ) Does anyone know? Do the photos for Northern need to be 'proper printed photos' or can they just be on normal paper? Thanks.
  6. Good morning. I have been lurking and reading, trying to find to some information about Northern Ballet Associates, Renaissance Arts Scholars and York Dance Scholars. I've found some on the internet, but not the answers to my questions, and I hope you can help. I would welcome all comments and advice and or suggestions for other places to consider. Thank you. DD is 12, and keen to do some extra ballet. we live along the A1M corridor, and Leeds is easy to get to. Northern Ballet - Does everyone who applies get an audition? How many re in each class, and what is the drop out or assessed out percentage each year. DD knows a friend of a friend who attends Northern Ballet, and she has told DD that you HAVE to go to the summer school, and you can't miss any classes for any reason. it would not be possible for DD to attend the summer school due to previous commitments, plus it is a daily summer school, and both DH & I work, and would not be able to get her there and back. Renaissance Arts - How many in each class, and again what is the drop out or assessed out percentage each year. do they offer a summer school? York Dance Scholars - I can't find anything about it now it has changed; times of classes, teachers, or anything! again though, do you HAVE to attend their summer school? Thank you in advance. This is all new to me.
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