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  1. Really enjoyed reading your blog @WillowBallerina My DD is 18 as well and she is currently doing her A levels. She has applied for Rambert, LSC, NBS, Middlesex And Roehampton Universities. She has been offered a place at NBS which she has accepted, if she gets a DaDa award!! Unfortunately she didn’t get through to the second audition at Rambert but she really enjoyed every minute of the audition. Her LSC audition is this Saturday so your blog regarding this audition was very helpful. Thank you Good luck with the rest of your auditions and hope you get good news from NBS.
  2. Congratulations to your DD as well.
  3. Hi, My daughter has been offered a place at NBS, which we are waiting to find out if she will be awarded a DaDa, but we are confused about accommodation funding? Is there funding available?
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