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  1. When watching the Nutcracker at the ROH I was sitting in front of two parents and their four year old daughter who kept loudly asking questions and making comments. Given that the performance is recommended age 5+ I was a bit surprised they took her. Then they brought ice cream into the auditorium and she spilled it on the seat!
  2. Thanks, I just googled it and it looks great! I think a lot of the ancient Greek style costumes in other productions can end up coming off as a little tacky and/or like something out of a fancy dress box...
  3. I have to say I'm a little nervous about Scarlett doing this given that he's made a bit of a hash of a few productions so far.
  4. Exactly, Woolf Works blew me away. An outstanding ballet. I wrote my thesis on Woolf and dance, and was thrilled to bits when I heard about the ballet. I left feeling utterly moved. I have to admit I really dislike Sylvia. To me it just seems cheesy and noticeably outdated.
  5. Just booked tickets to see Hayward/Watson/Campbell/Calvert in Manon and Nunez/Muntagirov/Stix-Brunell/Ball in Obsidian Tear! Very excited
  6. Hi, I have the following for sale for £17 as sadly can no longer attend: Insights: The Winter's Tale 30 January 2018, 7.30pm | Clore Studio Upstairs Clore Studio Left, B-23 | Full Price It comes as an e-ticket. Please note if you pay via PayPal it will be slightly extra to cover the fee
  7. Interested in all of these dates! Relatively inexpensive ideally, as I paid top price for a seat on 20th Jan and can't do that again I could also exchange for a front row amphitheatre seat on 21st February.
  8. I agree that the pas de six was a bit weak on Saturday night and I’m sure I saw one of the dancers stumble just before finishing a routine. Is it just luck of the draw as we had Naghdi and Campbell on opening night in the pas de six but no principals this time? Magri was very good though.
  9. I asked the guy at the ROH shop on Saturday when Woolf Works was coming out on DVD. He said he didn't know and it was meant to be out by now but they essentially had no idea when it would be released.......
  10. After Saturday’s performance, definitely Ben Ella.
  11. Went to the stage door tonight. Takada and Ella came out together looking radiant, and spent lots of time talking to the waiting people and signing programmes etc. I got a photo with Takada (typically I looked dreadful!) They were both so sweet and modest. Alexander Campbell was also lovely - I was lucky to spot him as he wasn’t performing! Stix-Brunell and Calvert were also very gracious.
  12. Just got back from tonight’s performance. Casting change slip was wrong - Stix-Brunell replaced Kaneko. It was completely gorgeous, and you could really see Takada and Ella’s IRL connection. He was a fantastic Albrecht, especially tender and tragic towards the end. Akane’s performance was also very moving, and she was light as gossamer. Calvert was an excellent ‘ice queen’ Myrtha and Stix Brunell also stood out as Zulme. Perfect!
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