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  1. My DS is the same age and level. See you there xx
  2. I don’t know a massive amount but they have been so incredibly supportive of my DS and fun and also very organised so you know way in advance any changes. They don’t do last minute rehearsals or anything. They are also very supportive of school and understand sometimes work must come first. My advice is give it a go and see, you aren’t signed up for life, if it’s not working for you then you can think about it then xxx
  3. Oh no, that’s strange. Have you checked your junk? I would email Laura at northern if you haven’t heard anything as I’m sure they’d let everyone know at the same time xxx
  4. I was also surprised as thought it would be end of may and I only put down CAT so maybe associates are coming soon🤞
  5. Loads of kids start in later years so she has plenty of time, well done to her for giving it her all xxx
  6. We got a yes!! Now I’ve got to work out DS getting there Monday and Wednesday and Dd getting there Tuesday and Thursdays plus Saturdays for both lol. Good luck everyone xxx
  7. How did everyone’s DC get on? Mine came out happy but not confident, but she tried her hardest and enjoyed it so that’s the main thing. xx
  8. Oh gawd yes we do and I keep forgetting. I’m cutting up a pillow case and writing on the number in marker pen xx
  9. How many sessions do you think there are? We are at 4.45pm and assume we’re the last. I’m thinking it could be 6, something like below...? 9.30-10.30 10.45-11.45 12.00 - 1pm break 2.15-3.15pm 3.30-4.30pm 4.45-5.45pm finish so between 60-90 kids class size dependant. What do you reckon?
  10. Northern Ballet in Leeds do an associate scheme although I’m afraid applications have just closed. But definitely one for next year to think about xx
  11. This!!! Totally agree. The forum will have the more serious and dedicated dancers so unrealistic proportion of yes to no’s.
  12. Well done everyone. Recall for CAT here (we didn’t put in for associates). So will see some of you on the 18th🥳
  13. Yay, well done🥳🥳🥳 Celebrations this weekend in your house then.
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