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  1. Me too, Tierney Heap has such wonderful stage presence and I couldn’t believe it’s been almost two years since she was last on stage. A very welcome return.
  2. I really enjoyed last night’s performance. I wasn’t totally sold on The Cellist but found it very moving and emotional at the end, and Beatriz Stix-Brunell was really wonderful in the role.
  3. So so envious of anyone going tonight, not getting the opportunity to see Nunez and Bolle in Onegin is a huge regret! Hope everyone enjoys the performance!
  4. I’m sure my mum who’s on this forum also will remember better but I believe we booked (nine years ago) through our hotel and we don’t speak a lot of Spanish. You could only buy in person, I believe at the theatre is an option also. The theatre is a gorgeous building, fairly central if I remember. We got front row seats for The Nutcracker, and (like a lot of things in Cuba) tourists had to buy separate tickets from locals.
  5. She looked so confident! That last moment was spectacular too. Very excited to see acts two and three!
  6. Returned to box office and looks like it’s back on sale (even though they haven’t confirmed to me yet).
  7. With a heavy heart and a nasty cold, I’ve got one Stalls Circle seat to sell for tomorrow night, cast is Hayward/Campbell. C91, pillar in view but still a pretty good view. £30, bought in Friday rush. It’s an e-ticket so I can send upon receipt of payment. Thanks everyone!
  8. I managed to grab a full list of the cast changes from today — if no one else has them I can post later as the photo is sadly too big to post. Just off to BRB Giselle now though!
  9. Further to AnneL’s post, I was actually unaware of how much she’d accomplished at the moment she walked into that auditorium back in 2011 but will never forget that moment! The awe and respect in that room for her was quite something. Happy to say that I was swiftly filled in on some essential ballet history.
  10. Having already seen a brilliant performance from Soares and Nuñez in past years, my mother and I have gone for Muntagirov and Osipova this time! I have high hopes!
  11. I had a wonderful time last night. I mentioned briefly in this thread that I didn’t care for Manon before seeing Bolle as Des Grieux and last night reminded me why. For me, the ballet often hinges on him - how he reacts to Manon and the ways his devotion plays in public and in private. I’ve seen a few times where the Manon is giving it her everything in acting and just not receiving it returned in kind. Bolle’s wide smiling devotion in the earlier pdd (first and bedroom) vs his awkward almost stilted actions trying to hide his hurt and love in act two before trying to approach her, and then hi
  12. Getting excited reading all the thoughts on last night — I honestly never enjoyed Manon until I saw Roberto Bolle last time around, and I can’t wait until Saturday’s performance.
  13. If anyone uses the TodayTix app, they are offering tickets at £15 for the next 24 hours. All programmes and all dates with some really good first circle seats at that price.
  14. Have to echo the above on yesterday evening’s performance, the lead dancers were just lovely. I very much enjoyed the use of the full arena space and how the atmosphere was when the full company were on stage.
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