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  1. Have to echo the above on yesterday evening’s performance, the lead dancers were just lovely. I very much enjoyed the use of the full arena space and how the atmosphere was when the full company were on stage.
  2. I saw Bolle in Manon with Nuñez last time around and their combined performances changed my opinion of the ballet. As a pair they were compelling, emotional and technically astonishing. I’m very excited to get to see this casting again!
  3. A little hesitant to share, but I very much enjoyed Marianela Nuñez as Juliet the other night. Her happiness throughout earlier scenes only led to a greater sense of tragedy as events turned worse and worse. I do feel that the pairing lacked chemistry and also the instinctive trust and confidence that would hopefully be there with a well-rehearsed pair whereas this was under-rehearsed. Tissi was fine but I just didn’t feel like he’d had the time to develop the role or partnership so it felt a little lacking. Last time R&J was performed I saw Marianela as Juliet with Soares as Romeo and it was one of the most moving performances I’ve ever seen of this ballet. It’s just a shame that we never got to see Reece Clarke partner her, I think that could have been a really good option. I have to agree with the above posters that the Hayward/Corrales cast was the dream team, I saw their second performance and it was just superstar performances across the board. I was also lucky enough to go to the one public O’Sullivan/Sambé performance and they were marvellous together. Just one cast left for me now, roll on 11th June.
  4. Back at Don Q tonight! Couldn’t resist buying one of those Friday rush seats to see tonight’s cast and have high hopes! The Saturday matinee at the weekend reminded me just how fun this production is, I truly enjoyed it.
  5. Speaking of fellow forum members, I spied someone sat in front/diagonally across from me looking at the forum on their tablet in the second interval on Saturday’s matinee! I nearly said hi but didn’t want to impose on their reading.
  6. Watching Manon right now and it’s giving me the most wonderful reminder of Bolle’s performances earlier this month at the Royal Opera House. Earlier in the week I watched the two Royal Ballet performances available on catch-up and even though the advertising showed Carlos Acosta for Giselle it was definitely the Nuñez/Muntagirov recording!
  7. Both tickets now returned to box office and online if anyone is interested!
  8. Hi there! I'm selling my two tickets to Judas Tree/Song of the Earth at the ROH tomorrow. Stalls circle bench seats, C22 and C23. C22 is £6 and C23 is £21. E ticket so I have to sell the two together if possible but if only one is required I might still take the second and meet the buyer at the opera house tomorrow. Please let let me know!
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