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  1. Hi, are there any seasoned JA parents who could advise on if a towel or yoga mat is preferred for class, eg what do most children bring ? a mat seems like such a bulky item to bring. And if it’s a towel , what size ? many thanks
  2. Hi, could I see pics please of all . thanks
  3. Hi there. What are the measurements of the skirt ?
  4. There’s a RBS Junior Associate Newbies thread on here. It might be more helpful for you to ask seasoned JA parents.
  5. Hello, my daughter will be joining year 5 london . Reading through past posts has already been helpful too and I’m sure will be as we prepare closer to the time.
  6. Yes please ! I know my daughter would love to have some familiar faces before she joins
  7. My daughter really enjoyed the JEP last year. When I saw some JA’s posting on Instagram about their classes, their def seemed to similarities between what my daughter was doing and what they were doing. So I’m guessing it was a slightly modified class that was a bit shorter and obv every other week.
  8. I might leave it just incase it’s not right. Thanks though
  9. May I ask what size 2 is ? Sorry but there isn’t a size chart anywhere I can see
  10. We got in for year 5 london, after SWL last year. Congratulations to all the SWL and so sorry to the no’s. It’s obviously still harder this year due to less spaces.
  11. Good point. But I’m wondering if that were the case, would they also have delayed the mid associates results too?
  12. I can’t be certain but it was just my guess as the classes seem so mixed. When we divided the no of children , in two different classes, to how many centres.
  13. I also think there are only 3,4,5 engagement programme children per centre. Not a huge amount !
  14. Hi, last year due to covid and their possibly being fewer places than usual due to covid and having to social distancing, the children who were on the short waiting list were offered an online programme called the junior engagement programme (JEP) these classes were an hour and 10 mins long and took place every other week. Any child in this programme still had to re- audition if they wanted to apply again. Hope that helps.
  15. No idea, I thought there might be but if we’re getting results in June, like they wrote in the email, I imagine not.
  16. Ha ha, I have watched my daughters videos a couple of times. Not a good move as each time I pick up on more things that I know she could have done better at.
  17. We are year 5 london, and had views a week ago. We also were quite early in submitting our videos.
  18. Last year my daughters videos were only viewed for a very short time which I worried meant they had disregarded her straight away. Then a week or so before they sent out results the videos were viewed again a few more times and she ended Getting the short waiting list and JEP, so def don’t read into the analytics too much.
  19. Due to there being fewer places because of covid, the children who were on the short waiting list were offered the programme which is a 1 hr 15 minute class every other week online .
  20. Oh yes of course. I think this last year has turned me into a massive pessimist where all this is concerned. I won’t believe it until it’s happened 🤣
  21. I have no idea , I was just wondering how long social distancing in classes was going to last. Hopefully by sept there won’t be and they’ll be taking the usual amount of students so no need for the extra JEP programme .
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