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  1. Due to there being fewer places because of covid, the children who were on the short waiting list were offered the programme which is a 1 hr 15 minute class every other week online .
  2. Oh yes of course. I think this last year has turned me into a massive pessimist where all this is concerned. I won’t believe it until it’s happened 🤣
  3. I have no idea , I was just wondering how long social distancing in classes was going to last. Hopefully by sept there won’t be and they’ll be taking the usual amount of students so no need for the extra JEP programme .
  4. Due to the limited amount of places for this year You’d assume there would be more than normal for next year. But if the school still has to social distance students in the studio maybe there won’t be ??? And the junior engagement programme will be going for another year ?
  5. I looked and it was fascinating to see the no’s increase over the years and see all the breakdowns of places etc. Although the last 2 published annual reports don’t go into as much detail as the previous ones.
  6. Thank you. I just would have been interested to see what last years figures were and in general how many kids audition as I have no idea.
  7. Am I imagining this or did I read somewhere that the royal ballet release the numbers of children who audition each year ?
  8. Thanks so much. my daughters hoping to be with her friend, which I know is a long shot as they’re both auditioning this year.
  9. Sorry if this is a silly question but if accepted do year 4 and year 5 take separate classes or are they together? I’m sure I saw someone say they were together which seemed odd.
  10. Incase this puts some minds at ease. My daughter was on the SWL for group 1. Our videos were only viewed for a short time early on then a few days before we got the results they were viewed again. they obv make a short list quickly and then they watch the videos again to make their decision.
  11. I hope that our kiddos get to audition in the studio properly next year. Such a shame they didn’t get the full experience.
  12. We got on to a short wait list apparently which is a massive shock. Sorry for all the no’s xxxxx
  13. Aww thanks but I’m not holding out much hope. She screwed up multiple times in the audition and she has the worst posture With a naturally curved back.
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