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  1. I hope that our kiddos get to audition in the studio properly next year. Such a shame they didn’t get the full experience.
  2. We got on to a short wait list apparently which is a massive shock. Sorry for all the no’s xxxxx
  3. Aww thanks but I’m not holding out much hope. She screwed up multiple times in the audition and she has the worst posture With a naturally curved back.
  4. Weirdly had a feeling this morning and looked at our YouTube views. Seems like my daughters videos (group 1) were watched again today between 9-10 am which leads me to believe that they still haven’t made the final decisions.
  5. Hi is the Matt red degas 9502 still available ?
  6. Ha ha. I’ve only just discovered this site as I was after some help with an audition. It’s been helpful.
  7. Hi. My daughter is 8 and has been going to masters for 2 years now. She loves it. there’s no uniform as such. any coloured leotard but no skirts. I do notice that some of the older girls are allowed to wear them but don’t know the exact rules. hope this helps.
  8. Hi there. the email says to record in full length, do you think this means portrait ?
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