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  1. Hi, someone on a thread recommended a Dans leotard with a v high leg. I cant find the link now. Any suggestions anyone ? Thank you
  2. Hi Got a letter today and she has been offered a dada with Northern. Just wish all offers came at the same time as she still has funding audition for Bodyworks late May. Very tense time.
  3. Thank you, doesn’t sound like good news for mine but congratulations to yours xx
  4. Has anyone heard from Northern Ballet about Dada’s. Ive read on another forum that someone has heard but we haven’t. I think I’m taking that as a bad sign. Thank you Shelly xx
  5. Yes she was accepted so looking did others that may have too x
  6. Hi Has anyone been accepted at bodyworks. Looking for people who will be going. Thank you
  7. Hi the wait from Bodyworks seems endless. Can I ask how long you had to wait for a response. This is a killer as it’s the one my daughter prefers x
  8. Hi Congratulations - is this for lower school or upper ? I note one emailed you who was this ?
  9. Please can you explain what you mean that they don’t have to do the last year. Does that mean they don’t get the level 6 diploma? Thank you
  10. What a great position to be in. What’s the favourite ? Still got 2 auditions left. We know one will be a no and are going for experience but the other is one of her top 2 x
  11. Thank you for that. Where did she audition yesterday ? I hope it was good news. A very tense time for all. Good luck xx
  12. Hi Smallbythesea How did she find it ? We’re there many there and what was the standard like. I believe it’s a 3 weeks wait now ? Would love to hear all about it shelly
  13. Well done that’s great news ! Has anyone auditioned for Bodyworks ?
  14. Please can you advise. If you are offered a dada is it fo true three years or do you have to repudiation every year
  15. Hi do you know if the nursery offered with Kate Simmons is for each of the 3 years or do you have to reaudition ? Thanks
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