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  1. Toi, toi, toi, Hoglett! Very excited here. Enjoy everyone! 😄
  2. We had some nice news here today but I'd imagine letters would all go out at the same time? So may yet be good news for those who haven't heard today. Our post is usually pretty unpredictable. Today an exception! Fingers crossed folks
  3. Thanks for passing this news on, fairhead. Sounds like it could be as late as Friday Like others on here I really have little clue about cost and commitment - all just a bit of guesswork and joining the dots - so it's been very helpful and reassuring to hear from others in the same boat. Good luck for nice news this week after this long wait everyone!
  4. Sorry hoglett! I didn't mean to raise hopes! Have been trying not to keep checking, as feel chances are probably low but then can't help but wonder, especially (as you say) for forward planning if there is eventual nice news! Half wondered if posting might be the dance-mum equivalent of lighting a cigarette at the bus stop - and then the long-awaited bus suddenly coming along. Seems not!!
  5. Gosh, not sure whether all this waiting builds or extinguishes hope!
  6. Thank you Jan, and hello!
  7. Didn't they say something about it being up to a 3-week wait? I may have misheard! I do hope so! 😩
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