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  1. Hi there Has anyone auditioned for, or currently is a mini or junior tap attack associate? If so is there a minimum recommended grade? Can't find a lot of info online about the younger auditions so would be good to hear from anyone with experience here. Thank you!
  2. Can anyone tell me what time the junior London sessions are? Wondering if it's worth auditioning. Thank you x
  3. Thank you Ballet bean! I did email them a while ago, maybe back in October and I had two email addresses. I might try again or I might wait for September now. Thank you x
  4. Thank you! I've even tried emailing and don't get a reply, yet they advertise spaces on Facebook. I cant even find out what hours they run. Thank you for replying.
  5. Hi there! Was just wondering if anyone attends, has attended or knows anyone who attends Urdang Accelerate sessions? I keep seeing it advertised and obviously am aware that Urdang have a great rep, but it's pricey and I can't find much information on it even from their own website. Merry Christmas everyone x
  6. Can recommend Grayes in carshalton, only up the road from Croydon. X
  7. So true glow light! Mine dances because she loves it, we've not considered what she will do really in future with it. She just loves to dance. Thank you TinyNEDancer! I haven't got a clue about a lot of this. Only heard about tring park about a week ago 🙈 I've got a lot to learn x
  8. Peanut68 what does she do now? Mine wants to do the urdang Sunday course but I don't know if that's audition or what 🤷🏼‍♀️ she's not bad at ballet but she's a far better tapper and at modern x
  9. We don't have any relatives she's stayed with but she will happily pitch a tent in a field with her scout friends so I think staying over she will be fine. This is all great thank you so much for replying. I think she's going to have an as great a time as she thinks she is. I've only ever let her audition for something once (pantomime, she was successful out of 145 kids and she starts on Saturday), I'm starting to feel a bit like I'm holding her back. She's danced since she was 2, I am only really just opening my eyes to all of this and am very hesitant, when she's already sold on it!
  10. If i tell her she can have a phone to take with her she will pack her bags now 😂 she does go to cub scouts and goes on camps and things, so I think she would be fine staying there x
  11. Thank you for replying! Did she know anyone? My daughter won't. I think I'm going to sign her up. She was buzzing at the sound of it, I was so surprised. X
  12. Hi there My first post here, so thank you for reading. Have any of you ever done the Tring Summer school with boarding? Just the four days? My little girl will be nearing 11 and is really keen to give it a go, but with the age range from 9-18 and her being only 10 at the time, I worry she would be the youngest by years and would feel well out of her depth. Do younger children board too? She thinks it's a dance camp! Thank you
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