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  1. Thank you for visiting our site. We are able to ship to the UK and are willing to work with people in a variety of locations. If you have anything else that you want to add feel free to share.
  2. To the people who visit our site, what could help you make a purchase? Different pictures? Customer reviews? More ways to pay? What, if anything, do you see as an obstacle? What could be changed to make it easier for someone to buy from the site? Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
  3. On our blog we published a poem titled "Making A Memory". It was written by a coworker who was trying to express what it is like to watch a performance. https://slippersandtutus.com/blogs/thoughts-from-the-dance-studio/poetry-about-motion-making-a-memory
  4. Have you try using something from your own life to summon feelings for your performance? Maybe think about a time where you overcame an obstacle or burden. You can also think about a place you go to feel calm in order to convey that look, an incident that made you angry for passion in your movement, and fun times that you had to show joy. Good luck with your solo.
  5. Monroe, congratulations on getting your book published. I agreed that it's more effective to focus on the feelings that the dancing provokes. Too much jargon can be off putting to people not familiar with ballet. Despite that, if you want to get to know the terminology there is a dictionary of ballet terms at http://www.abt.org/education/dictionary/index.html which was used as a source for an article on our blog. Good luck with your writing!
  6. Our site has released another article on our blog. The subject is useful websites for those who want to take part in ballet whether as a dancer, a studio owner, or a physician practicing dance medicine. You can view it at https://slippersandtutus.com/blogs/thoughts-from-the-dance-studio/6-useful-sites-for-those-that-love-ballet
  7. We just published a new article for our site's blog, Thoughts From the Dance Studio. It's about eating disorders, a serious problem in the world of ballet. Learn about the different forms they can take and the signs that you need to watch out for. By talking about this we make it easier for those affected to seek help. https://slippersandtutus.com/blogs/thoughts-from-the-dance-studio/eating-disorders-in-dancers-causes-and-signs-to-watch-for
  8. You can make Slippers & Tutus a great place to get your child's ballet clothing. All you have to do is answer a few questions so we know how to bring you the best shopping experience. If there's anything that you need to know about the survey feel free to ask. hfettps://samrs.typeform.com/to/MLRJ6O
  9. While the question of whether ballet is art or sport is a tricky one, I think a bigger problem might be that art isn't as accepted as sports in our culture. That is possibly why some dancers feel they aren't as supported as the athletes in their families.
  10. Good luck, Madam. Your site site looks nice. I'm sure that it will be a valuable resource to the dance community.
  11. Tutu24


    Have you tried Skype or Facetime? My family does it with a relatives that live in other cities or countries. I hope that your daughter feels better soon.
  12. Sorry to hear about your partner's problems. Hope she feels better soon.
  13. Slippers and Tutus is holding a contest where the prize is a free product from select categories. Just send us your e-mail address to enter. Learn more on our blog and good luck to everyone.
  14. ReadyforCoffee, good luck with the move and everything. Making a home in a new country can be tough both logistically and emotionally.
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