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  1. This current year 11 is also quite small so even if they were all offered places I'd expect another 5 or 6 to join the year. As said above though not everyone will be staying on, they do assess out and not everyone wants to stay, others schools may offer a better fit for current Elmhurst pupils, as you would expect it's quite focused on classical ballet which might not be the best training for someone who wants to move into the wider world of dance.
  2. I've just asked my DD about this, she was there yesterday as well in the middle. She didn't think it made much difference as the exercises were relatively straight forward, maybe it depends on how quickly someone is able to pick up the steps? Either way good luck to your DD.
  3. Not sure many other than Royal formally asses out at the end of year 9 anymore. Elmhurst doesn't. It is possible to get a place but competition is still fierce. I think many schools allow people will audition for year group except maybe 11. Whether there are funded places will depend on space for boarding, number leaving, quality of people auditioning. It will vary year to year for each school.
  4. This is so true, getting a yes at some point is just the start of the roller coaster. There's plenty more hurdles to overcome. I do remember at WL Finals they did make a point of saying think very carefully if you get a Yes, the Dance life and training is not for everyone. Like junedaner said we've had good days and bad, at least DD is still keen to dance.
  5. It's a good scheme, doing CAT for a year got our DD into vocational school. Big commitment though in terms of time from the rest of the family.
  6. And the whims of the artistic director. If the candidate has sparkle (undefinable) they may have a chance. Don't forget students from other vocational schools often audition for the year 8 to 11 places, some of them get in lots don't. WL is not easy to get into.
  7. It's the acceptance letters for place you can spot before opening, big fat A4 for a yes, slim folded A4 for no.
  8. Yep the dance world is not fair, even the schools seem to have favourite students who whilst often good are not always the best, who get the opporrunities, the photo shoots, the official Instagram posts. In the long run though those who gave to fight for every opportunity and survive come out stronger. I do think some of the favourites must find life very difficult when they move on to the next stage.
  9. Yes, dd is there now, started in year 9. 6 or 7 of the original year 7s are left. Lots of movement in and out over the years. I think most if not all have left of their own volition rather than being assessed out, some have moved to other schools, some have left for health reasons, some have left the dance world. It will be interesting to see how many go on to sixth form, are offered places and accept them.
  10. We went through iit three times to get into Elmhurst. Now doing it all again for upper schools.
  11. I think there's around 10 people apply for every place, around 40 to 50 get to finals for a max of around 20 places (girls). Numbers in each year group vary, year 11 is only 12 girls, year 10 around 18. Year groups sem to be nearer 18 than 12 though gurther down the school.
  12. If you hover outside watch out for the parking wardens and don't wait on the double yellows outside the building. Parking there is difficult and expensive at the best of times.
  13. Elmhurst do the RAD exams, DD is currently doing advanced 1.
  14. Remind him that the kids who get knockbacks have more experience and resilience than those that seemingly sail through. The ability to pick yourself and carry on is as important as the performance and technique. Our DD got finals for both WL & Elmhurst year 7, auditioned again in year 8 for Elmhurst and got to finals, still no place. Tried again in year 9 and got in. It's been hard but that work ethic has helped her catch up. It's also surprised me how high the drop out rate from year 7 entries has been so that's no guarantee of success either. It's not over until it's over or they give up.
  15. From personal experience of a similar situation my advice is don't over think it, this is the world of ballet, not peer reviewed science. Speak to the teacher, sooner rather than later, it's their job to teach and support if improvement is needed. Don't forget you are also paying for this. It was one of the academic staff we connected with initially but with their help things went from very arms length to some much constructive critique and more personal attention which rapidly improved DDs dancing. Still got this years appraisal to get through so things might still come up. Year 7 its still very early days, plenty of time to improve, mature and progress. Engage with the school., they can feel very remote, judging and intimidating, I don't think this is intentionally in most cases but it will get in the way unless you make that first contact. Final thought, knockbacks can make the most resilient dancers of the future, it's not all about sparkle, dogged determination is also a vital skill to cultivate.
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