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  1. I emailed today and was told that I would hear by email by the end of next week.
  2. Thanks AuntieNora, that's good news! JulieW, yes she's currently Y5 JA but I am having to submit applications in my area for Y7 school places towards the end of this year so I'm just trying to plan ahead and know what might be ahead of us. I was hoping by now that the WL dream would have subsided by unfortunately not so it looks like we might be on this journey for a while longer.......
  3. Thanks Anna. Am new to using the Forum so wasn't sure where it went!
  4. My daughter currently attends year 5 Junior Associates in London and is hoping to get a place at White Lodge in September, although we realise how small a chance she has. Consequently, she will plan to audition to get into Mid Associates but as she will then be in Year 7 in her senior school there are expectations on the sporty girls, which she is generally, to take part in fixtures on Saturday mornings. So I'm wondering how I'm going to do all of this, obviously with the huge assumption that she will get into Mids?! Junior Associates are 11.30 currently but I'm hoping if the Mid Associate classes might be later in the afternoon we could get her there after fixures. Does anybody know the times of the classes in London? Many thanks.
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