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  1. Thank you everybody for your messages (I've been away from internet for a few weeks and I'm so sorry to answer that late) I started last week, I'm gonna take 4 classes per week (2h of floor barre and 3h of barre/milieu (I don't know the name in english), in an advanced class with very few students (we were 3 last week and I was alone this week). Any exercices/advices for improving arches, en dehors and legs line ? To Kate_N, I practice horseback riding as well, but I'm not sure it helps with ballet (I feel it's the other way round haha) To Alison, sadly dansomanie is only for dance lovers but not dancers... I can't find a french forum where the last message is actually recent and not from 2011... That's why I am here hehe, mostly looking for someone to share our experiences with ballet, exercices, improvings etc... To Rach B, thank you, I'll check her videos as soon as I can Have all a nice day/night and again, thank you for replying ! Bisous bisous !
  2. Hello everybody !! I'm all new to this forum and first off i wanted to apologize because I didn't find the section in which I should introduce myself before posting and because I'm French and so my english isn't that good... So I'm a 21 years old girl from south of France and after 10 years of dancing and a 4 years break, I want to practise ballet again but I'm afraid about starting again I lost a lot of flexibility, strenght etc... I'm gonna practise 3 times a week in an advanced program and yep, it get's me nervous (yet i can't wait to start haha). So i registered here to find people in the same situation as I am, or just adult dancers, or actually whoever is dancing and can give me tips about how to improve flexibility, arches so I can fully go on ponte (I've quite flat arches and I'd love to improve, even a tiny bit ^^), exercises I can do at home and maybe find a partner to discuss dance, to motivate each other and to share our doubts, fears, joys etc.... Thank you all for ready, I hope to hear from you soon !! Nédar
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