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  1. Mirella leotard for sale £10 with floral mesh back message for photo
  2. Sa2 is a continuation of sa1 but with a different teacher so the students are in yr 11 auditioning for vocational schools if they want to. Advanced associates is beyond sa2
  3. Is it possible if you could send a picture?
  4. Is it possible if you could send me pictures of the Bloch and grishko leotards?
  5. Update another leotard capezio adjustable strap leotard in black size Xs £15
  6. Capezio adjustable strap leotard in a magenta pink colour size xs dans ez petite navy high cut leotard similar to csb style size petite Bloch mirella leotard with nice floral mesh back child’s age 14 but I would class as Xs adults Capezio black crossover warm up cardigan size petite Everything £15 each
  7. if anyone is having a clear out I’m always looking for some for weekend classes/ courses thank you!
  8. Is the Mariia and bullet point leotard still for sale?
  9. Are the wear moi Pacific’s still available?
  10. from what I remember last year there were a lot in one audition I would say over 30 so it is important to get noticed dd was in corner of the barre the class is very fast paced they do not take the time to go over the exercises this is obviously to see how well the student can pick up new choreography after the ballet audition there is a contemporary section last year they got in a lady from Mathew bournes company and they learnt a piece of rep from that Once again dd found hard to pick up hope this was helpful and good luck to your dc
  11. I’m looking for a band I’ve seen used by other dancers it’s Velcro and straps round the waist part and it’s supposed to help find the engagement of the abdominals just not sure what it’s called! Anyone else know what I’m talking about?
  12. Out of the original 12 English girls who started at wl in year 7 only 2 have been accepted into upper school the rest have either been assessed out or have left. The majority of the foreign girls who are starting at upper school this year have only been at wl for 2 years so they haven’t exactly been through their system of training they have been brought in to make the school look good and according to a teacher from the school they only take through the English because of the funding scheme from the government!
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